Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DVD Releases

pick of the litter
Black Snake Moan Ricci writhes, Jackson lectures and Timberlake cries. One of the most interesting films of 2007. I'm not sure it has enough ideas for its provocative collisions but it least it has ideas --more than most movies can say. And Christina Ricci shows signs that she's finally getting her groove back (surely worth tentative rejoicing) whilst diving into character for this sweaty druggy vulgar hellion
La Jetee / Sans Soleil Criterion Collection release of Chris Marker's influential films. I have been meaning to see La Jetee forever ...

the rest
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon Smart horror fans seem to love this - like our buddy MNPP
Peaceful Warrior A gymnast has an accident and meets a stranger (Nick Nolte) who helps him heal. Would you want Nolte as your spiritual guide --hasn't this kid seen those mug shots?
Pride Terrence Howard & the swim team. This comment is nothing particularly directed at this movie (I haven't seen it) but I'm getting the sense that someone needs to warn Howard about saying yes to every offer. It's very Michael Caine / Gene Hackman / Samuel L Jackson in their 'can't say no' workaholic mode. Struggling actors have to do this. Established types... why? Overspending? Delusional "I'll never work again" actorly panic?
Mark Wahlberg in action hero mode. I was just watching I Heart Huckabees the other day and damn he is awesome in that movie. Wahlberg's gift is clearly comedy or at least comedic beats fused into dramatic characterization. See also: Boogie Nights and The Departed
Standing Still For all of you who've wondered whatever happened to the film careers of yesterdays up & comers: James Van Der Beek, Mena Suvari, Xander Berkeley, Ethan Embry, Adam Garcia, Jon Abrahams, Lauren German and Melissa Sagemiller. Meerkat-loving Amy Adams is also in this post-college wedding drama. (She, too, has the Terrence Howard problem but hopefully that'll level itself off once the pre Junebug contracts are over)

Wedding Wars The only reason I even list this is because I tried to watch it
and feared my eyes would fall out --the worst thing about being gay, he says jokingly, is all the bad movies you have to endure to see glbt topics. John Stamos plays a gay wedding planner who goes on strike for gay marriage during the buildup to his brothers wedding. Stamos is still a Dorian Gray cutie but he hasn't risen above his sitcom acting origins. You're glad there are movies like this being made but you don't need to watch all of them! (I'm lecturing myself... the rest of you can just move along)
Dead Silence
Another horror about dolls/dummies. Vasts swaths of people must have had really traumatic childhoods for this subgenre to stay popular. A 21% RT rating. Ouch


Glenn Dunks said...

21% on RT is actually pretty good these days! You know what I would never ever see a movie about? CLOWNS. I can see chainsaw-weiling texas or hill-residing mutants or Mariah Carey in Glitter, but I will never ever watch It and if they make another scary clown movie I will avoid it like the plague. Terrifying.

BTW, Peaceful Warrior was the movie that flopped so the producers rereleased it but made it so anybody could see it for free. And still nobody went.

Glenn Dunks said...


Anonymous said...

i dunno "weiling texas" has a certain "huh?" charm.

Glenn Dunks said...




Jigsaw Puzzle said...

The picture looks....well... very good indeed.

Anonymous said...

Please do see La Jetee asap, and after that please do see it again (I know you'll want to). It's one of the great films - jaw-droppingly, ethereally beautiful imagery and some interesting ideas about memory and mankind and things.

Sans soleil is also interesting, if a tad too indulgent

J.D. said...

Aw, come on Glenn. You're not that inadequate. :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nathaniel.

More images of Christina Ricci, please.





Anonymous said...

Hi.....Amy Adams is a great person ok.......