Friday, June 15, 2007

The Link Weekend

Annette Bening on Broadway !!! That's from the New York Times so the explanation points are mine. It's the Bening, they belong there
Michael Berresse Interview by Josh (x2) backstage: A Chorus Line

Marilyn's Hard Knocks Sunset Gun on Monroe
In Defence of Michael Moore unfashionable but agreeable
"Miss Baltimore Crabs" still hate the song sigh
Is Bug The Best Thing Friedkin's Best? Critic After Dark thinks so
1962 vs. 1982 from Jeffrey Wells in response to...
Don't be Nostalgic For the 80s at Guardian Unlimited...
which makes a lot of good points but I still really love 1982: Tootsie, Victor/Victoria, Blade Runner, The Secret of Nimh it's relatively awesome as cinematic years go

Nathaniel, why is there a poster for Bourne Ultimatum attached to a totally unrelated post?
Because it is awesome


Anonymous said...

Another link:

adam k. said...

I was just noticing on your '82 page that you still have stuff indicating that you plan to rewatch the '82 films and do real nominees based on adult taste. Is that still happening?

Also, Bill Murray in Tootsie is no cameo performance. Watch it again. His scenes run through basically the whole film, and there are lots of them. It's at least as much of a full supporting performance as Charles Durning's. Sure, there's no real arc, but if you're talking screentime...

And for Best Diva, what about Tootsie herself, Dorothy Micheals? Think of the photoshoot sequence, and the audition. Girlfriend's stops the world in its tracks.

"Same on you, you... macho SHITHEAD."

I'd love to see a full slate of awards for 1982. It really was a great year.

adam k. said...

*"SHAME on you", not "same." Dammit.