Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Absolutely Frakulous

If you've been a Battlestar Galactica devotee you'll understand how completely brilliant (and deadpan funny) this recap of the shows first three mind-frak seasons is. If you haven't been watching, you'll be caught up.

...that is if you caught all that. You might want to watch it several times. This show's storylines wait for no one. Come April 4th it'll be the best thing on television again. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

I adore the show and I started watching it because of Mr. R.'s suggestion.

Season 4 may come to Brazil in June, I can't hardly wait.

This recap was quite original. If you haven't watched any episode and you view this recap three or four times you might get the picture and watch next season. ;-)

Or, just rent all dvds.

Marcelo - Brazil.

Jason Adams said...

I've seen that Last Supper picture a thousand times now and it still gives me CHILLS every time I look at it.


SusanP said...

I'm relatively caught up on DVD, but I don't have cable so I'm not sure I'll get to watch the new season...until it is no longer new.

Tim said...

As the kids say, this made me lol. The next 31 days are going to be agonizingly slow, I can tell.

adam k. said...

ggggrrrrrrrr I haven't seen Season 3 and I don't know how I can, before Season 4 starts. I really wanna be caught up for it, but I wanna do it the REAL way and not through some tiny recap video. Any suggestions?

And why are they only doing 4 seasons? Why Why WHY??? Right when I get to the party, it has to shut down. That ALWAYS happens to me. Not fair.