Thursday, March 27, 2008


random thought of the morning...

Don't you wish they'd make another movie together? What's that you-- They are?
Well... maybe. That Ryan Murphy (nip/tuck) fellow sure has a lot on his plate though, don't you think?


Catherine said...

IMDB Plot Outline: a suicidal woman (Kidman)...

Suicidal? Again?!?

I love these two. :)

Anonymous said...

I love them both (Naomi was terrific in The Painted Veil - have I mentioned that before?) although I somehow don't see "Need" happening. But maybe that's just because it sounds stupid. (Of course, so do most films, when you boil them down to 25 words or less.)

I can definitely see the two of them playing sisters in a project, actually.


Anonymous said...

They were together in a wonderful film... Flirting (1991)!!! Of course blink and you probally missed Naomi Watts.


yeah I like flirting a lot. Put it on your rental queues.

Cinesnatch said...

I want to know when Kidman and Blanchette are going to go head to head as Sarah Bernhardt and Elenora Duse directed by Steven Spielberg.

Anonymous said...

Actually I HAVE seen "Flirting" and it's a wonderful film - one of the best "coming of age" flicks I have seen. But yes - blink and you miss Naomi (and I was actually looking, or trying to anyway.)

There's that scene of Thandi and Nicole dancing that's very brief but the two of them were weirdly hot and made me think that that was a sapphic (onscreen) pairing I'd love to see.


Kamila said...

I love Nicole and Naomi! The latter is one of my favorite actresses.

Anonymous said...

Oh RedSatinDoll, at least I can talk to you about my sapphic fantasies involving Nic and Naomi and not be called a pervert !

I've always suspected that Naomi got the part in Mulholland Drive because she could relate in more than one way with her character...

Anonymous said...

Naomi's best perfs :

1. Mulholland Drive
2. King Kong
3. 21 Grams
4. The Painted Veil
5. Funny Games
6. Ellie Parker
7. Eastern Promises
8. The Ring
9. I Heart Huckabees
10. The Wyvern Mystery

Nic's best perfs :

1. To die for
2. Birth
3. Margot at the wedding
4. The Others / Moulin Rouge !
6. Dogville
7. Bangkok Hilton
8. Dead Calm
9. Eyes Wide Shut
10. The Hours

Agreed ?

Anonymous said...

I love them both. Both great actresses, too bad one can't find great roles in good films and the other can't find better parts to show her versatility.

Anonymous said...

You know what would be great ? A pic with Nic & Naomi & Cate, aka The Dream Team.

I still think Nicole is the most versatile actress of the three.

Cate is the best at showy, over-the-top characters.

Naomi is the best when it comes to portray everyday women

Nicole is the best at playing dark, mean, complex, repressed women who have a hard time fitting into society

Anonymous said...

They met at a casting call where they had to wear swimsuits. Neither of them got the job, but they went on to become two of the most sought-after actresses out there.

Anonymous said...

I saw them both in the flesh. Watts is really cute, quite tiny, but she holds herself well.

Kidman is statuesque, the definition of a superstar

Anonymous said...

was there even a talk that Kidman and Blanchette are going to go head to head as Sarah Bernhardt and Elenora Duse directed by Steven Spielberg?

Glenn Dunks said...

Need has been on Nic's page for a long time, if I remember correctly.

Remember when she and Jennifer Lopez were going to make a WWII musical? LOL!

I personally love that somebody on the forum made an entry called "EXACTLY LIKE PRIME". Yes, so similar.

Anonymous said...

//was there even a talk that Kidman and Blanchette are going to go head to head as Sarah Bernhardt and Elenora Duse directed by Steven Spielberg?//

I had heard "Kidman and Juliette Binoche", but that was ages ago and just a rumor I'm sure (and I never heard about Spielberg directing. I don't see that being his sort of film.) Would be a nifty project though.

On the other hand - Kidman and Blanchett in the same film - onscreen at the same time? I don't know - the time-space continuum is pretty fragile right now as it is; I don't think the universe would stand a chance against those two powerhouse divas at once.


Anonymous said...

Kidman AND Blanchett sharing the screen ?

Are you kidding ?

Fanboys war is coming !!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the fan-GIRLS, anon. 12:52.