Sunday, March 23, 2008

Freak Flag Flyin'

Here are two thoroughly entertaining documentaries that will appeal to anyone interested in music, makeup, drag, drugs, and counter-cultural self-expression.

Though filmed in a relatively traditional manner, using archival footage, voice-overs, and recent interviews, The Cockettes tells the tale of a group of individuals who were anything but traditional. A San Francisco-based collective of acid-loving, gender-bending flower-children famed for their wacky performances in the early seventies, their hedonism coincided with the sexual revolution and gay liberation movements. Former Cockettes include Divine and disco-diva Sylvester, both of whom are no longer around, but those who lived to tell the tale march to the beat of their own drummer to this very day...This movie is informative, very funny, and quite inspiring.

The Nomi Song is about the next generation of freaks, moving from genderfuck to androgyny. Klaus Nomi, an alien in every sense of the word, was a unique and unforgettable performer, singing like an operatic diva while seemingly from outer space. Which he may have been. This clever and compelling film truly captures the essence of the late-seventies and early eighties New York New Wave scene, with amazing footage of performances and parties. An inspiring look at a sub-culture within a sub-culture, Nomi Song, like The Cockettes, will make you want to dress up, sing, dance, and celebrate the creative force that is within us all.


Anonymous said...

Both are great documentaries indeed. You could have made this a triple feature and added Jennie Livingston's "Paris is burning", which is every bit as good as these two (much better, in my humble opinion), and also about drag, drugs and living insanely.

Thombeau said...

I love that film, it's faboo!