Friday, March 14, 2008

Jamie Bell is 22

Happy Birthday!

Will someone please hurry up and put him in some great movies? Or on stage? While the rest of the blogosphere anxiously awaits Harry Potter nude on Broadway in Equus I say "no thanks" given that Jamie was oncerumored to be the one coming to the boards here and he's a better actor and it's a real play... it's not just a vehicle to titillate. In fact: not sexy at all, that play. I weep for what could have been with a really strong thespian involved.

In the meantime, I'll have to fast forward through the Hayden Christensen parts of Jumper (most of the movie I guess --perhaps it'll be a cool short film once i'm done with it) on DVD eventually to watch Jamie work his screen stuff. They keep threatening to release the interesting looking Hallam Foe (retitled Mister Foe for us dummies in America --we apparently don't like weird names), in which Jamie has the title role but given the frequent date shifts they're doing it stealth like.


Anonymous said...

LOVE JAMIE BELL. And Nat you are right someone PLEASE put him in a good movie.

Defience seems pretty alright.

Glenn Dunks said...

Well, you knew I'd love this.

If you have only the Jamie bits in Jumper you have a great movie. Alas, the rest of it is so riddled with plotholes and stupidity that it's just frustrating.

Hallam Foe is going direct-to-DVD down here this month. Which doesn't bother me at all - I just wanna see it.

On one hand I'm glad he sticks to his weird offbeat section of the arthouse with movies like Hallam Foe, Dear Wendy, The Chumscrubber, Undertow... and then I just wish he'd make a huge movie and become a huge star cause he totally deserves it. I called dibs on him though when he does!

adam k. said...

"the Jamie bits"... hee

Anonymous said...

Hallam Foe is a fascinating character study, in which Bell shines. I think it's easily his best work to date, so you have every right to be excited by it.

Mister Foe indeed! Holy crap. We can file the logic behind this retitle right next to The Madness of King George III!

It's just... I'm sorry, but surely the target market for a movie like Foe isn't going to be the Average Joe, right? So why retitle it to pander to Average Joe?



Anonymous said...

There was a line in there somewhere about "Average Foe", and I missed my opportunity. Curses.


Glenn Dunks said...

I know, the only people who are going to be seeing this tiny movie are those who already knew it's existence. Renaming it is just complicating matter.

Plus, Hallam Foe has a better ring than Mister Foe, which is more nursey rhyme than anything else.