Sunday, March 16, 2008

8th Costume Worn By Marie Antoinette

Every 8 days in 2008 we'll celebrate the 8th something of something. Whoa, Specific!

I once read that Madonna's Evita held the record for most costume changes in a movie. I'm not sure if that's accurate or if the record still holds, but surely Kirsten Dunst all dolled up for Marie Antoinette would rank in the top twenty. So much attention is paid to her dressing and undressing that Marie herself, in an elaborate ceremony intended to put her in her sixth ensemble remarks that "this is ridiculous". The rebuke from a typically chilly Judy Davis:

"This, madame, is Versailles"

Her first seven elaborate outfits, with the exception of a rich champagne wedding dress, are mostly in blue or pink which seem to be her signature colors. For the eighth number, legendary costumer Milena Canonero (who won her third Oscar for this movie) puts her in this ivory with a floral motif.

On this very night and in the very next shot, the dauphine will try to consummate her marriage in an insanely floral bedroom. Ironically, though Marie is finally settling into life at court, becoming friendly with her husband and wearing the "warmest" of her colors thus far, the response is chilly. The dialogue that overlays this image is as follows
Woman at Court #1: She doesn't seem the least bit interested in him.
Woman at Court #2: She is Austrian. They're not exactly the warmest people.
Aunt Sophie: But it's true. Her brother Joseph is so cold. He's an awful man.
It's going to be a long movie night for Marie. Her husband won't be responsive. The court won't ever be kind. Her life won't be long. This, madames et messieurs, is Versailles.

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ryansumera said...

i love this photo because if you squint wistfully enough, you'll see molly shannon and joan cusack as her ladies-in-waiting.

Anonymous said...

The costumes were lovely


Anonymous said...

Brilliant film.

The costumes were great too, tho! :P

Anonymous said...

another interesting idea!

the costumes were one of the best things about this movie...