Monday, March 03, 2008

Shocking Development in Cute Hierarchy

Amy Adams has dropped four notches! I've seen her new movie Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, so I know. More on Friday.

1. baby kittens
(holding down the top position since 1938)

Their latest nemesis Amy Adams defeated, the kittens curl up for another 4 hour nap.

2. otters
3. puppies (+1)
4. baby seals
5. babies
6. Amy Adams (-4)

7. baby ducks in a line following their mama
8. dimples
9. bunnies
10. chipmunks (-7)
11. Takeshi Kaneshiro
12. dolphins
13. anthropomorphic fruit

some photos like these and rankings were inspired by cute overload

14. Making Fiends
15. marshmallow peeps (+2)
16. Babe (1995)
17. cupcakes
18. panda bears
19. Rupert Graves as "Freddy" in A Room With a View (+8)
(returning to the top twenty for the 279th time, a perennial)

20. screwball comedy
21. Olivia Newton-John as "Sandy" in Grease (-2)
22. bunny slippers
23. Pixar (-4)
24. ice cream cones
25. rainbows
26.pig tails
27. Hello Kitty
28. Sally Field (+12)
29. toe socks (+2)
30. Drew Barrymore

The rest of the top 100 is pretty stable and you probably know it by heart... but you can recite it in the comments if you want. [related post: Oscars Live Blogging -in which Amy Adams threatened the baby kittens for their crown]


J.D. said...





Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised she either has no range or she's being typecast.

El Gigante said...

WHY GOD WHY?! This is just a typical example of the Kittenistas and their pro-kitten, anti-Amy Adams agenda infiltrating our system of cute-governance. I demand a recount or Pettigrew stills where Ms. Adams is in lingerie. Whichever comes first.

El Gigante said...

Let me also add to my above comment that Adams has a lot of range and can bring it dramatically (Junebug), comedically (Enchanted), musically (Enchanted again), campy (Psycho Beach Party) sexy and bitchy (Cruel Intentions 2), younger woman (Catch me If You Can), other woman (the Office). She can do it all consarnit!

As I pause to calm down I begin to wonder if this drop in cute is necessitated not by the movie being bad but instead because the character shows more maturity and depth than Adams has shown previously? If the movie IS bad (and a friend of mine who got into an early screening said that it's "fine") at least we still have Doubt and Sunshine Cleaning.


El Gigante... re; Amy. There's plenty o' lingerie. there's even a wet towel!

u can haz warning: kittehs do not take kindly to your conspiracy theories

Anonymous said...

She's plays the same upbeat character in every freaking movie. Not much range if you ask me. I'm waiting to see her do soemthing different. Even a website who recently interviewed her asked her about it.

Are you at all concerned, at this point about getting typecast?

Amy Adams: Not at this point. Right now I’m just doing what I enjoy… I enjoy playing upbeat characters, I really do, because you take those characters home with you, whether you intend to or not, so playing depressed people, it’s just a bummer…

Anonymous said...

Unforutnately Sunshine Cleannig was not that great. I saw it at Sundance.

Aaron C. Thomas said...

You are a genius. Every time you mention Takeshi Kaneshiro I am reminded why I love you.

Amy said...

I can't trust anyone who thinks kittens are cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Nathaniel, but Kittens look like little rats. Puppies are much cuter. :-)


gabrieloak said...

Amy won't be cute in Doubt. Unless she's confused and she thought she signed up for a dramatic version of The Sound of Music.

Rob said...

She's not just "upbeat" in Miss Pettigrew; she's a master manipulator, but a charming one (sort of in the vein of Marilyn Monroe in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'). I was relatively charmed by "Miss Pettigrew" and Adams' performance in it, but I guess you hated it, Nat?

ryansumera said...

nat, i don't know the rest of the top 100 but i'm pretty sure that all of miyazaki's wonderful creation-beings are included. most especially the too-cute for words "totoro"

Anonymous said...

Rob, that's just it though, from the trailers it looks like she has the exact same persona ( same in Sunshine Cleaning) she's charming up beat etc. It doesn't matter if her character has a different motive, her persona is the same.I'll wait to see Doubt to see if she does something different.

Anonymous said...

Puppies are not in the lead, I know there are many who are overjoyed at this.

Anonymous said...

At the age of 33 I'm not sure competing with babies and baby ducks in the cute hierarchy is that much of a compliment.

Boyd said...

Oh... Rupert Graves circa when I discovered movies!!


Barry said...

That's horrible. She looks good in the movie. What you did is actually really horrible. Amy Adams is too sweet to be bumped from the top spot. She is wayyy sweeter than kittens.

Anonymous said...

How dare you insult the lovely Ms Adams like that? OTTERS?! Those hideous creatures need to all be shot. They eat TREES for crying out loud!!!

I hope Amy Adams walks up to you in the street and slaps you for being so god damned opinionated!


hey she's still in the top ten;) that makes her the cutest actor in the business.

pretty good.

i did not hate Miss Pettigrew. review should be up on Friday

gabriel hee.
i dunno though that character in Doubt is a whole lotta innocent. And who says nuns can't be cute. Julie Andrews and Sally Field beg to differ!

Glenn Dunks said...

Oh god, I hate toe socks! Just like I hate fingerless gloves. There's not meant to be fabric between the toes.


the fabric between the toes is just something you need to get used to. an acquired taste.


to me this falls in the nearly as cute category as pajamas with footies which place somewhere just below Bettie White on The Golden Girls

Dr. S said...

Ooo, hooray for Making Fiends!

Glenn Dunks said...

I'd always be trying to wiggle my toes out of the toe sections. Hatred of toe socks ranks alongside clicky pens being unclicked when not used and christmas trees without ornaments shaped like christmas trees of weird personal tics.

Anonymous said...

If "upbeat" is the only thing anonymous #2 sees in performances as different as Junebug and Enchanted, then I hereby kick him/her out of the top ranks of anonymous posters. You've lost your badge, sir or madame, for being oblivious.

Glenn Dunks said...

Hahah. There should be "Anonymous" and then "Oblivious". That'd make it sort of awesome.


yes, there needs to be a bunch of cute categories

well meaning but incredibly shy
lazy but regular

hee... so many possibilities for every anonymous. Sadly with the amount of spam i've been getting lately i may have to adjust who can comment or add those annoying "type these letters in this box" thingamajig.


oh and the best kind:

"anonymous who types their name at the end of the comment thereby not being anonymous at all and easy to converse with"

that's kind of wordy though

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're talking to me (and you are) I'm into wordy. I'll put that title on a brass plate and stick it on my desk. (Or a namebadge - wouldn't that be a conversation piece?)

Wow, that was a big drop Nate. Huge when just a week ago you were all about Amy and you LOVED her in Enchanted (that screen cap, btw, is threatening to send me into sugar-shock.) Is she creeping towards She-who-must-not-be-named-dom?



no, no, no.

still top ten cuteness.

that's a lot of cute!

Olli Sulopuisto said...

So who held the first place before 1938?


olli i wasn't alive back then of course but I hear that Shirley Temple was all the rage.