Friday, March 21, 2008

Desiree Armfeldt

Elizabeth Taylor in A Little Night Music.

Don't you love hats?
Sorry, my dear.
I will wear anything when
a sandwich is near.

And where are The Gays?
Send in The Gays!
Don't bother, they're here...


Trey said...

"Oh, the actress?" "No, the ghoul!!" Liz looks fabulously homely in these - especially in that wig in the second one. Yeesh. I've heard Diana Rigg is awesome in this movie, though.

Anonymous said...

I JUST saw this on stage a weekend ago. What a great show! I heard it was butchered in the film though (particularly because of Ms. Taylor).

Only Sondheim could rhyme "I'll give you three guesses" with "It nevertheless is"

Thombeau said...

I saw a fantastic production of it in Chicago a few years back. It's a great show. The movie? Not so much.

As La Liz feebly sings, "My fault, I fear".

Anonymous said...

I saw a production at the Goodman years ago which ended with Fredrika Armfeldt pirouetting across the stage to hit the last note of the score on a piano.
It was amazing.

Dr. S said...

I *love* this musical, immensely. I've never been able to bring myself to see the film because of stills like these. There was a wonderful production at Lincoln Center in 1990; it was broadcast on PBS, and I used to watch and rewatch my VHS tape of it all the time in high school. Lots of the musical numbers are up on YouTube, fortunately (the whole thing seems never to have been released on VHS or DVD). This one's my favorite.

gabrieloak said...

Though this is one of my favorite Sondheim musicals, it's not easy to do on stage. The original Broadway production was wonderful but I've seen several bad productions of the show since. The one that was done at New York City Opera came close to capturing the shows magic, thanks to Jeremy Irons and Juliet Stevenson.

I think it's hard to cast Desiree.

I haven't seen the film version yet.

Thombeau said...

Gabriel, you might not want to!