Sunday, March 16, 2008


StinkyLulu profiles a tiny little memorable performance for two film experience readers. Yay. Stinky's supporting actress profiles are always a treat. Like a sundae on Sunday every week.
Film of the Year asks an intriguingly unasked question. How do we define "cinematic"?
Queerty interviews Anne Hathaway, who is winning an award from the HRC
Situated Laundry went to Sound of Music with friends @ the Zeigfeld. Fun responses
Zombie Survival Quiz this is funny. I scored 36% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse. I think that's overstating my chances but...
NY Post That Dakota Fanning movie Hounddog is finally getting distribution
New Now Next a kiss on the set of Milk
MTV Movies Tilda confirming that she isn't in the new Narnia film despite credits, IMD listing, and trailer to the contrary.
Tick Tock TV is this a secret website for future Madonna Hard Candy goodies ? [source]
Just Jared has pics from the set of Duplicity, Tony Gilroy's follow up to his Oscar nominated debut as a director. He's not wasting any time, huh?

And a final note. I'm so freaking proud of Ellen Degeneres lately.

She finally seems to be comfortable fusing her two personas: the hilarious one and the gay one and doesn't seem worried about mixing. Now admittedly she did try this once before post the coming out on her sitcom. Only trouble was the show wasn't really funny once the character was out. The balance seems right now. She's speaking out when she feels moved to and otherwise not talking about it (because she has never been very political) and just being her funny self. It's Zen Ellen... the balance is right.


Anonymous said...

I just wish she would stop pretending not to be political. Calling an elected official to educate her about the harmlessness of homosexuality on her talk show is certainly a political act, and she shouldn't act like it's shameful or out-of-line for her to do.

Not that that's even close to all she does. But I agree--I saw it live the other day and I was proud of her. And it wasn't even remotely awkward.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of her as well. She is a great human being and I love it that she gets involved.
I love the show also because she does not go around giving freaking advice.

ryansumera said...

not as funny as i'd hope. but this seems to be one of the most "relaxed" she's ever been on that show. and also, she's strangely attractive here (the hairdo? the neckline?). i still miss the old ellen. the very funny one, the one that wasn't supposed to be nice.

Anonymous said...

If I understand correctly Anne Athaway is getting an award from the gay community ? For what, saying "it's ok to be gay ya'know" ? How daunting !

My god it can only happen in America, a country where gay associations give awards to straight people like Jennifer Aniston for "kissing" Courteney Cox on a show. Unbelievable ! Like, hello, there are LGBT people who do more for gay rights, I mean if you really have to award a celebrity to make a point at least give it to Angelina Jolie who was always vocal about her attraction to women, not some boring well-bred liberal so-called actresses who don't need any more attention.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with fernando, and since when is it threatening for women to play gay, or to accept and tolerate homosexuality ?
Hello, society is mysogynistic, it's the fact that a woman can be sexual that is untolerable for some poeple, her being gay or straight or bi has nothing to do with it, people have more acceptance for a character who kisses one girl than for a character like, say, Samantha in Sex and the city, quickly labelled a whore, allbeit a straight one.

Anonymous said...

53% chance of surviving a zombie massacre over here!!