Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Naked Send Off

Hey, it's Nathaniel. I'm not really here. Just packing my luggage. I'm on my way very soon... my guest-blogging house elves have already gotten busy. But I couldn't resist telling you about this unique neighborhood sendoff. Yesterday returning from the gym I cut through my building's parking lot and as I emerge on the sidewalk, there in the middle of the road is a naked man, arms outstretched, spinning in circles.

[photo taken from my apartment. excuse img quality]

True story. Buck naked. Starkers! I started laughing but quickly noticed that all around me my neighbors had their cel phones out looking very serious and disapproving, probably on the phone to the police. Strewn hilariously across the street (out of frame here to your right) like Gretel's breadcrumbs were various articles of clothing he had apparently ditched on his way to his nude epiphany on the streets of Harlem.

My very own neighborhood Tom Wilkinson in Michael Clayton proxy! There was no sign of a huge bag of baguettes, unless he had already eaten them all --the belly was quite large. Unfortunately Tilda Swinton and/or George Clooney did not arrive in their overpriced suits to clean up his mess. They sent the NYPD instead. I counted at least 8 police cars which is more than enough to handle one spinning naked man without weapons or even baked goods.

This will not happen in Utah. I already miss New York.


SusanP said...

I love New York.

Have a great trip, Nat!

Anonymous said...

last thing i would do on a chilly day is run least do it in july / august.

Peter Chan said...

You get naked men spinning outside your window, and all I get is some cat that looks like a badger- which I'm pretty sure is stalking me.

Thombeau said...

Wow. A highly auspicious omen.

Anonymous said...

Just saw "Michael Clayton" on Sun.
I wish I could experience that kind of unfettered joy.
But I work in Hollywood.

Emma P.

Found your site via the fabulous Thom @ Fabulon.
Consider me a new fan.


welcome EMMA P. stick around :)