Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Actress Contest Entries Now Being Accepted

Just what will that golden Best Actress Oscar lineup look like 10 months from now? If you're ready to play Actress Psychic the contest is now open. You have until March 29th to submit your best guesswork, details here as well as a list of possible nominees if you need help deciding.

I have adjusted the point grabbing capabilities from last year. There's less points for EW action, more points for working the festival circuit and the smaller precursors, plus bonuses and penalties for guessing someone correctly that other people didn't or that everyone did...

Tell you friends and Oscar enthusiasts about the contest if you think they'll be interested.


Catherine said...

I've just sent off my entry. I agonised for ages over my 5 and I'm still not entirely comfortable with leaving Streep off altogether, but what the hell. It's my first time, I might as well start with a bang of failure!

Looking forward to this. :)


that's OK. I'm sure Streep will be worth less points than some others (unless she wins lots of critics things) since she's a multiple nominee, coming out in December, previous winner AND will probably be on every list ;)

Anonymous said...

According to your rules a film which has its world premiere at the Venice festival and the North American premiere at Toronto gets zero points. By removing the Venice spot (making Toronto the World premiere) you gain two points.

Is that the intended effect?


um what? i'm lost.

i am totally willing to take suggestions on the festivals. some have awards some don't. I don't travel overseas to fests so I get the order slightly confused.

again... i reserve the right to adjust the point totals slightly... so if people think the festival stuff is out of whack let me know now so i can adjust.

Anonymous said...

ok nat

top 15 and i think the final 5 will be culled from these

anne hathaway
meryl streep
angelina jolie
renee zellweger
sally hawkins
kate winslet
sigourney weaver
julianne moore
keira knightley
diane lane
natalie portman
nicole kidman
kate beckinsale
emily blunt
maria bello

Anonymous said...


You award two points for a World premiere at Toronto.

You award no points for a premiere at Venice.

A film which has its World premiere at Venice cannot possibly have its World premiere at Toronto also. Which means that it loses two points by having being at Venice.

This meant that, last year, Keira Knightley got two points for the quite insignificant World premiere of Silk in Toronto, but no points for Atonement's North American premiere at the same festival because it had already been the opening film in Venice.

It would seem to me that - if anything - being the opening film in Venice should result in more points and not fewer as is currently the case.

c.p. iñor said...

I've sent my entry!!!

and I've some trouble choosing the 5th spot... but since I'm stubborn (or maybe cuz she's one of my favs) I've repeat Sigweavie in GitP. haha.


i'll change that.

it's hard to keep track of where the world premieres happen anyway

Kamila said...

I've just sent off my ballot. And I am totally not okay with the fact that Sally Hawkins is NOT on my list. I think she has a great chance to be nominated for an Oscar. However, 2008 seems to be a promising year for the actresses. We have so many amazing names in good roles that it is really hard to choose just five of them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't leave Angie off, I talked recently with a casting agent who told me a lot of high-profile actresses fought for the part. It's Eastwood, it's a juicy part, it's period, and the supporting cast includes John Malkovich and Amy Ryan. And then she was clearly snubbed this year for A might heart, it seems that even Blanchett agrees on that one lol

Anonymous said...

Streep - doubt
winslet - the reader
jolie - changeling
mcadams - time traveller's wife
hawkins - happy-go-lucky

Michael B. said...

Nat-Whose pictures are in the graphic? I see Kidman but I'm dying to know...

c.p. iñor said...

I think they´re Kidman, Johansson, Moore, Winslet and Thurman

Anonymous said...

This mixed photo looks like She Who Must Not Be Named. It must be the lips.

DL said...

Oooh, this is so exciting (once again!)

I've whittled it down for now to 10 names: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Sally Hawkins, Angelina Jolie, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Carice van Houten and Kate Winslet. But I think I'm gonna wait a few days before sending in my official entry so I can mull it over...:P

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope that there are more Minority actresses nominated than White ones, since everyone here seems to pick the White ones. Just so they won't

Anonymous said...

I don't know who to pick yet, but I do hope one day that most of all the acting, directing and screenwriter nominees are minorities.There will be outcry when it comes, but I will be happy. I don't know if this year will be that year, although we do have multiple possibilities and like someone else said the "Big 5-Kate, Angelina , Nicole, Julianne and Streep" will NOT make it. I do hope Kate does though :-). In my class today we were talking about how wrong it is to make people speak "PROPER" English. WTF is "Proper" English? I bring this up, because I am reminded about how much JHud was ridiculed for the way that she spoke ( which was fine) during the Oscar Telecast. Not necessarily on this blog, but I am ranting right now. It just amazes me how people are so closed minded nowadays. This is America everyone doesn't speak the same goddamn way.It doesn't make her no less of a person and it doesn't make people who speak "properly better. We weren't all raised in freaking suburbia.

Anyway enough of my rant

Here are my guesses

Kate Winslet- I kind of have a feeling that she will get more attention for the Reader, but don't know the category placement. They both could be supporting or Lead from what I heard.
Streep or Jolie- I might go with Jolie everything Meryl does is always supposedly a "lock" like last year RIGHT.
Emily Blunt or Hathaway- I adore them both, but only one spot for my generation.
Kerry Washington or Gabourey Sidibe
- I doubt there will be two black nominees so one or the other, I think it is time for the Academy to embrace another minority woman in the best actress race. I don't really know about the Asian or Latino ( not European Hispanics) possibilities yet.
Last spot- I'm going to go with Sally Hawkins :-/

Still not sure, I'll look over some others.



c.p. --wow. that's all the women inthe photo. you have good eyes.


So i've received 45 entries so far and my goodness... there's way more groupthink than last year.

Not one but TWO performances are on 90% of the lists

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me...let me guess -

Meryl Streep, "Doubt"

Kate Winslett, "Revolutionary Road"

They figured to be a cinch bet to be in the consensus five (even I am picking Streep), but let this be the first official warning from everyone's least favorite Cassandra: the winner will likely have no more than two picks from the consensus five, and I would not be surprised to see the winner have none.

Michael B. said...

That's Streep and Winslet. I'm pretty sure of it. Are there any two or more lists that are the same? I wouldn't be surprised if the mass majority picked Winslet, Hawkins, Streep, Jolie and Kidman.

Catherine said...

When are they all going to be posted? I'm curious to see!


not till the end of the month sorry.
there's two weeks to get the entries in.

Glenn Dunks said...

I didn't want to put both Streep and Winslet on there, but... I honestly couldn't think of who else and I predicted their films for Best Picture (although Res Road I've snubbed in director and actor). But, really, unlike last year where we already had Christie, Jolie and Cotillard on high buzz radar there's nothing so far.

Anonymous said...

Zee, I think the only person on here who is racists is you (and your anonymous hounds). How dare you imply that I am racist? Throwing a pathetic "lol" at the end of such a statement doesn't make it any less horrible. "you're a bitch LOL!" "you hate black people LOL!" . It's now mine or anybody here's fault that there weren't any "minority" performances worth nominating last year apart from Ruby Dee. It's not the Academy's fault that Hollywood refuses to make large numbers of good movies made by minorities. Blame Tyler Perry.

Of course, you're probably forgetting that just a few weeks ago plenty of "minorities" won at the Oscars. Or are there so many French and Spanish people running around Hollywood that they're not a "minority" enough for you?


Glenn Dunks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glenn Dunks said...

My Christie, Jolie and Cotillard thing reference reminded me! We discussed on this blog whether all three could get nominated despite all being so early in the year. Turns out the answer was "no, they can't"

Anonymous said...


WHo the hell are you talking about where did I put a pathetic lol? Did you EVEN read what I wrote? Where the hell did I say anyone was racist or implied it? YOU SHOULD LEARN TO READ. I don't think anyone is racist for not guessing minorities, since they are constantly overlooked.

There were plenty of minorities WORTH nominting last year. Just because The Academy overlooks them doesn't mean they're not worth nominating.
French and Spanish people are STILL White. I mean minorities in terms of RACE. Black, Asian etc.

Maybe you are racist, if that's all you got out of my comment.


Anonymous said...

And who the hell are my anonymous hounds exactly, you mean Nate? Or the person that posted before me? Who exactly?


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that everytime someone wants to argue about what's Oscar Worthy about Black performers they tend to point out Tyler Perry. Excuse my language, but What the FUCK does Tyler Perry have to do with anything? Should I point out Michael Bay or Uwe Boll? RACISM at its finest. I'm a Black Lesbian and I'm pretty positive that A WHITE lesbian will win an Oscar before a Black one, so I understand where Zee is coming from. I'm pretty positive that no Black Latinos have won oscars for acting either or No Asian ones or no No Native Americans either. As far as you saying that no Black performers were WORTH nominating aside from Ruby Dee..shall I say racist.

Majority of the nominees are White EVERY FREAKING YEAR. If you have a damn problem with us expressing the fact that we want a year with MOSTLY racial minorities as nominees then that is YOUR issue. I ONLY wish that I had the luxury of making a best actress list and it was filled with Racial minorities. Woohoo, but unfortunately I would have to be a fool to predict that.

Yes, there is a group of racial minorities that reads these blogs (hounds as you call them) and talk about how freaking biased they are when it comes to minorities in film ( including Gays and Lesbians, but The White Gays and Lesbians like to forget that there are Gays and Lesbians of Color). We've decided to be more vocal about it , because I would expect some of these folks to be above that, but I guess not

Anonymous said...

I can name plenty of bad White directors and plenty of Good Black directors. So the Tyler Perry comment was unnecessary. Besides Tyler Perry is a Black GAY man everyone knows it. Much like the Jodie Foster belief.


people, people.

can we all agree that the problem is the lack of good roles for people of color, rather than starting getting angry with each other? it's a prediction contest so you have to go with what you think is likely.

I personally think the problem is not the academy but the roles that are available and the academy's genre preferences.

the truth is simpler than people like to make it I think. The Academy likes middlebrow dramas best... so the nominees will usually be people who get the good dramatic roles in relatively mainstream dramas. And those roles usually go to white actors.

when those casting choices start getting more diverse the nominees will, too.

but i actually think the academy does a decent job of being diverse (the 2007 slate was not the norm lately) based on what films are out there ...with the exception of asian actors --who can't get arrested even when their flat out brilliant. Grrrr.

and as for out lesbians or gay men winning in acting.

i doubt it.

that's gonna take awhile. one only has to look to the two snubs of Ian McKellen and the egregious miss of Rupert Everett in 1997 and the brokeback mountain thing to know they aint ready for that.

Anonymous said...

I personally thought Tang Wei should have been nominated over Cate.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Sally Hawkins was such a favorite. I thought I was picking a left-field nomination when I put her name down. Oh well.

I was also a bit unsure about leaving Angelina Jolie off as well, but I'm just not "feeling" The Changeling. Maybe it's the schlocky 70's B-Movie title or the fact that it sounds like a lame Julianne Moore thriller but it hasn't got any buzz with me. Same thing happened with Memoirs Of A Geisha and Rendition when they were being buzzed in year-in-advance lists, so I usually trust my gut instincts.

Streep and Winslet might be obvious choices but so were Christie and Cotillard this time last year, so I think they're pretty safe.

Glenn Dunks said...

The Jack, same here about Hawkins. I thought I was being tricky and that nobody else would pick her. Oh well.

And, yeah, I ain't feeling The Changeling. I feel like it'll fall in the space between arthouse and mainstream. Not arty enough for the limited run circuit, but too arty for mainstream audiences. And if Angelina couldn't get nommed in a year like 2007 then at this moment where so many people look so strong...

Anonymous said...


I still feel hurt that Ellen Page was so put out about not being selected by anybody in last year's contest, so help me out. Where could I have found out that she was going to be the lead in a movie released in 2007...back in March of 2007? I certainly do not want to miss picking this year's Ellen Page. So where do I look?

c.p. iñor said...


did you get my entry?

I remember that last year you didn't, and I just want to be sure.

My name for the contest is Fernando Moss

Anonymous said...

On the topic of out gay actors winning Oscars

It's completely true that being vocal about it diminish your chance to win, especially for male actors. I mean, Brando won twice but I don't think it was common knowledge that he was actively bisexual. It's funny because Angelina Jolie is the last openly LGBT actor to have won the Oscar, yet she was hardly quiet about her sex life

Anonymous said...

To those not "feeling" Changeling :

Every actress fought for the lead part in that movie. At least that was the whisper in the industry. I mean, it's Eastwood, not some random guy hire to direct a Jolie vehicle