Saturday, March 01, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Links

4 leftover Oscar bits
Burbanked the Once stars get a record deal. Nice
Popnography thinks that Tilda Swinton's da man. And goes on to prove it.
Flickgrrl on the ratio of men : women in Oscar nominated films
Blue Jersey has an interview with the Oscar winner from the short film Freeheld

Glen Hansard hates the DVD cover of Once
Ephemerist 'Hopefully never coming to Broadway' -80s movies that shouldn't be adapted
House of Mirth and Movies an ode to classic cinema shirtlessness, Robert Mitchum in particular
European Films a review of Madonna's Filth & Wisdom

Voucher Ankles has a post about a bizarre homemade bumper sticker. Anti-Clinton and... confused. It's so weird
Getty Noni Ryder is engaged. If you guessed "musician" you are correct. How did you guess?
And the new Iron Man trailer. RDJ was such an inspired choice for Tony Stark...

Random Lauper Loving
Oh No They Didn't Turns out Jimmy Kimmel wanted Cyndi Lauper in that "I'm F***ing Ben Affleck" video but couldn't get her
Boy Culture pointed to this car commercial which sneaks Cyndi Lauper's new song so I quickly watched it since I love me some Cyndi. What he didn't warn his readers about was that Takeshi Kaneshiro is the star of the commercial. I went in expecting one great thing and got two. Takeshi... sigh Too bad it wasn't like The Hire so I could look at him for the length of a short film rather than a commercial.


Anonymous said...

I'm really not wild about the comic-stuff, but Downey is giving it an undeniable edge and just for him I'll probably give it a shot.

gabrieloak said...

Re: Cinema Shirtlessness. I just ordered Love is a Many Splendored Thing on sale at amazon. Holden is shirtless on the DVD cover and I started to wonder how many films he appeared in shirtless. Picnic was definitely another. Are their certain actors that lend themselves to lack of shirts in their movies, like the present-day Matthew M?

lawyer tony fernando said...

Since there is a review for Madonna the movie director, what about the musician too?Did you enjoy Madonna´s new single 4 minutes? I DID, but too mach JT for my taste, here is the link in case you haven´t heard

Emma said...

Yay! Sites to browse this morning.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the mention very much, I'm happy my own passion for pecks is shared among the public.

Gabrielloak: I got carried away with Mitchum, but I can think of a few other classic stars who were often encouraged to remain shirtless. Lancaster springs to mind as probably being the most obvious. Before 1960 there are very few films where he doesn't bear all, and quite a few after that as well.

gabrieloak said...

Yes, houseofmirthandmovies, Lancaster loved to show off his body even when he was older--The Swimmer!