Saturday, March 08, 2008

Romancing the Link

Gold Derby wonders if Kate Winslet will tie the Deborah Kerr & Thelma Ritter Oscar loser record with either The Reader or Revolutionary Road

Film Brain
ponders Tilda Swinton's new picture Julia and the reactions from distributors and some critics

Jürgen Fauth falls deeper in love with P.T. Anderson's filmography
Glenn Gaslin has a hetero man-crush on Jason Statham

My New Plaid Pants realizes he's seen David Wenham many times before. (one of those ubiquitous actors we were talking about)
Scanners on IFC's deal with the devil (i.e. Blockbuster). Seriously... IFC? What were they thinking?

thinks Lindsay Lohan has had botox. After watching this clip, I agree. Lindsay is 21 years old. As an unrepentant lover of actresses of a certain age, I don't mean this in the way other people would but Lindsay could pass for a thirty-something and that's not good. Thirty-something is beautiful as long as you're actually in your 30s. You may recall that I was quite a fan of the redhead upstart but I've mostly successfully weaned myself away. Every once in a while though, I get sad again.

My Dinner With...
When I told you about my imaginary dinner with Kathleen Turner I ended by passing the meme to other bloggers too. Quite a wide array of dinner guests. Modfab went classic with Orson Wells, All About My Movies went current with Rose Byrne, and Victim of the Time went overseas with Jeanne Moreau. So many scrumptious conversations.

It's Kathleen's World
Towleroad reviews the stage revival of Crimes of the Heart (Turner is now delving into directing)
The New Yorker's review of the same
Globe and Mail "a grande dame with true grit"
Female First Kathleen is wearing shoes again!
Libby Purves talks to Kathleen (this is an mp3)
92nd Street Y (where they hold a ton of cool readings and conversations here in NYC) also has their chat with Kathleen available. I almost went to this but I was broke. *sniffle*


John T said...

Seriously-IFC? That makes zilch sense. I could see them going with Netflix, as that is built for films like the IFC. This is just perplexing, and annoying. I hope it's like the Weinstein Company pact and the movies still get to Netflix anyway, as I won't be switching (I haven't been in a Blockbuster video since I was 19).


I'm sure it's money based (as all things are) but it still doesn't make a lick of sense... it's like Asian movies signing over the films to the Weinstein's. self-sabotage.

Anonymous said...

FYI - the link for the Julia article didn't work for me.



strange. i just tested it and it went to the page.

Catherine said...

Okay, I've never seen a Kathleen Turner film in my life, but all this chat has got me interested. What one film (preferably available on dvd) would you recommend for a novice?


There's a few different routes you can go.

Best Movie: Body Heat (a modern reworking of Double Indemnity in a sense and it's her debut)

Best Movie in Which She Is Not the Star: The Accidental Tourist

Movie That Made Her a Huge Star: Romancing the Stone

Only Oscar Nomination: Peggy Sue Got Married

but if you really want to do an anthropological study of her career chart you have to throw in one of the later pics to see where things really started really going like V.I. Warshawski or Undercover Blues with Dennis Quaid (wherein the entire marketing push or media story seemed to be "Kathleen got back into shape with a personal trainer! --she doesn't look fat anymore, we promise!"

The Virgin Suicides one of the last films she made before moving on to the stage exclusively is worth renting but not really for Kathleen. It's Sofia Coppola's first picture and you can see the seeds of the great stuff to come in Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette.


that wasn't really one movie ;)

Catherine said...

She was in The Virgin Suicides? Huh. How 'bout that - I've seen the film, it was yeeears ago and I mustn't have been paying attention. Thanks for the rest though, I'll be sure to check the others out, maybe starting with Body Heat. I love Double Indemnity!

Rich Aunt Pennybags said...

"Kathleen got back into shape with a personal trainer! --she doesn't look fat anymore, we promise!"

That is just so sad. :(

I didn't even come here to comment about that, but I just wanted to let you know, just in the rare chance that you didn't already know, about more new promotions from WB for The Dark Knight. If you go to, there's all kinds of new things to do. :)

Rich Aunt Pennybags said...
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