Monday, March 17, 2008

A Mormon Wedding. No, Not That Kind.

Family duty calls and I am heading out west this Wednesday. My niece is getting married. She recently told me that she checked out this blog from curiosity
Gorgeous Wonderful Niece: I didn't understand one word of it. I guess film has its own language now.

So... my one and only niece is getting married. Mormons tend to marry young but this still makes me officially old. Like Methusaleh Hal Holbrook / Ruby Dee old. Next time I do a fundraiser I will be asking for botox injections instead of cash.

After buying my plane tickets to this blessed event and, thus, suddenly cognizant of my own mortality, I went out and purchased my first ever "eye cream". I'm looking forward to erasing the fine lines, reducing the puffiness, and removing the dark circles... in just seven days! (I hear that sleeping regularly and eating well might also achieve this effect but that sounds like an old wive's tale to me). I'm excited to see this eye cream work its magic so quickly but does this mean I'll soon start believing all those messages clogging my inbox that assure me that I just won millions of dollars, can regrow all my hair and add 4 inches to my penis? Modern quackery science: it's all about making life more liveable.

I will try and say "hi" from my travels at least once. Perhaps I will dance for you at the Lehi Roller Mills a la Footloose... unless I'm forced to replace a hip before I get there. We'll see. While I'm away I've enlisted three crazies to entertain you. You'll be hearing from...

But I'm Still Here for the next couple of days. After which these kind souls take over for a week.


Anonymous said...

try sliced cucumbers and preparation H under your eyes. Much cheaper and it works better. Say hi to Mitt, Donnie & marie.

StinkyLulu said...

Have a great trip, Granny! And enjoy some Jello salad for us all...


jimmy i'm not speaking to Donnie since he ignored me at a movie theater in 1988. Doesn't he know who I am???!!!

stinky i assure you that jello salad will be consumed. Or at least gummed at.

Glenn Dunks said...

Aww, have fun.

Also, nice job on getting Scott to guest blog. He doesn't even write for his own blog anymore so I'll take what I can get.

Brian Darr said...

Over the weekend I had a non-cinephile friend tell me she'd checked my blog and found it almost completely indecipherable. It didn't surprise me but it made me think for a bit. I must admit that hearing that you've had a similar reaction to your far more fluid writing is strangely comforting.

Anonymous said...

Good luck trying to find the Lehi Roller Mill -- that once sleepy town is booming like nobody's business!

Re: Jello salad -- thank God you (and me, too) got away from Utards and their favorite dish.