Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why Can't I Wrap My Links Around a Blog in Friendship?

Circus Hour "an interview with Kate Hudson's ass"
The Reeler takes a good hard look at Jason Statham and his dramatic gifts. No, really
Go Fug Yourself ponders Sarah Polley at the Genie Awards
Just Jared Kate Winslet on the set of The Reader
My New Plaid Pants discovers his phantom limbs jazz hands and confesses to loving Bob Fosse. No shame in that Mister
Village Voice Michael Musto does Marilyn post Lindsay doing Marilyn.
popbytes shares the terrible news: a remake of Rosemary's Baby. Exactly what is there to improve upon? Nothing! Steer clear Hollywood
Voucher Ankles has a report about the Flix Club going out of business in Utah. I'm normally a nice guy but this story, which I'm sure was devastating for the people involved put a big smile on my face. Maybe because I've never forgiven certain theaters in Utah for editing movies I went to see when I lived there. The way I see it, if you're an uptight religious conservative you just have to accept the disadvantages that come with that, like lack of arts and culture. You shouldn't have access to things that you have to mutilate to enjoy, you know? You just shouldn't be watching it. Stick to children's movies.

Ellen Page on SNL (havin' fun with those rumors)
Pssst. Amy Adams hosts and Vampire Weekend is the musical guest on March 8th.
I guess I'll have to start watching again. God, it's been years.

Kenneth in the (212) shows new Vanity Fair photos of funny ladies as tabloid stars
Nova/Slim even Madonna's crap is good "4 minutes to save the world"

SNL even Ellen Page joins in on the Diablo Cody backlash? Too bad for Tony Gilroy that it didn't happen sooner ;)
Topless Robot hands it to the "12 Smuggest Pricks in Hollywood"
The Cinetrix discovers the Film Sound site and likes it. I need to check that out. Sounds thorough
...... and Emma Thompson returns to us in Brideshead Revisited

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Anonymous said...

aren't we all really really happy that kate hudson did not win an oscar for "almost famous"???

Anonymous said...

For Uma Fans :

I read that David Hare, England' leading playwright, described Uma's performance in the upcoming HBO/BBC film "My Zinc Bed" spellbinding. Emmy anyone ?

Also, the review of "Life before her eyes" (release April 18) in the April issue of Vanity Fair is very good and it is written that she does her best work in years.
She was also singled out in the Hollywood Reporter review. Can she take the first-half of the year slot ? She could also go supporting. After all Crash and Away from her were released early as well and one of the actors got nominated.

Anonymous said...

Go Uma !!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Life Before Your Eyes", it was originally called "In Bloom". I wonder the reason for the change.
The big news is the movie version of "Brideshead Revisited", I swear, between this and "Milk", gay and lesbian cinema is pretty bare this year, unless you count "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" as well, where Peter Sarsgaard plays a gay man...again!

Anonymous said...

The title was changed to match the title of the book it's based on.
Also, I think "Life before her eyes' probably helps explain the slightly confusing ending of the plot.


this comment thread has been hijacked by UMA! who isn't even mentioned.

not that i don't love uma.

ah sweet gorgeous charismatic unforgettable Uma. xoxox

jimmy yes. we are really happy about that!

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Oh those June 28 babies and their penchant for doing horror.......

poz pig said...

I actually saw The Bank Job this week - its a surprisingly good little B movie with excellent performances and a zippy script. It kind of reminds me of the remake of the Italian Job, but with a bit more depth and randyness

Thombeau said...

I totally love Emma Thompson, but at first glance I thought that picture was of Quentin Crisp!