Monday, March 10, 2008

Link With U

ModFab "How I Fell, Head Over Heels, For Amy Adams"
Playbill Cate Blanchett to star in A Streetcar Named Desire on stage
Cinemavistaramascope thinks (correctly) that Bob Fosse's All That Jazz should be required viewing for filmmakers
Not Dieting Julianne Moore admits to being hungry "all the time". Eat Juli, eat
Oscar and the City anxiously awaits 10 performances this year
Boy Culture details a great new issue of Out with Tilda Swinton, Jonathan Tucker, and Candis Cayne. Woot (x 3)
Burbanked wants Hollywood to just say no to superhero's girlfriends
Low Resolution makes year in advance Oscar picks


gabrieloak said...

But what is Jonathan Tucker actually doing now besides talking about a film he made several years ago? Please enlighten me.


wasn't he in paul haggis' tv series last season?

Anonymous said...

He was also in In the valley of Elah for, like, one minue. But he looks good, no ?

gabrieloak said...

Yes, you're right, he was in The Black Donnellys but I couldn't watch that show. I see he's coming out in The Ruins. But he needs to make something more interesting and provocative.