Thursday, March 20, 2008

What A Way To Go!

If a bad movie has terrific costumes then actually it is a good movie, for obviously the reason the film was made was simply to showcase the outfits. Based on this reasoning, a flick like What a Way to Go! is a rousing success.

This movie is pink before it even starts!
Fox obviously knew their audience.

And yes, Shirley MacLaine lives in a big pink house.

These must be the designers, since they never actually appear in the film. And since said film is completely absurd, let's just get to the point and show you where the budget went.

Fabulous. But appropriate?

Check out those gams!

Apparently, she's some sort of sea anenome.

Shirley looking radiant in yellow,
with a big cock to her, right...

Remember, girls, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven!

A bit too Zellweger for our taste.

No actual muppets were harmed in the making of this movie.


By this point, they were running low on money. And fabric.

All this decadence does take its toll. In the end, she winds up in a giant glass of champagne, with Robert Mitchum, and drowns. But not before she fucks him.

[images via wetcircuit]

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this movie! Suspect your review might be better and more entertaining than the film itself(see also: From Justin To Kelly), but I'm too intrigued now to not find out!


Anonymous said...

I've seen it & it's four stahs. Paul Newman (yes, he's in it too) at his yummiest.

Thombeau said...

OMG, Newman was TO DIE FOR back then!!!

H. Alan Scott said...

I adore Miss MacLaine, as you can see by following the link below. Terms of Endearment, The Apartment, The Turning Point, Being There, anything and everything, Sweet Charity (so bad it's good!). Ugh, she makes me wet.

El Gigante said...

While by no means a perfect movie the sheer amount of greatness on display makes this one worth checking out. It's like; name your 5 favorite actors of the 50's-60's and put them in the same movie. Glorious.

SusanP said...

Based on the images and your commentary, I'll definitely add this one to my ever-expanding list of films to see ;)

mrpeenee said...

Dean Martin appears at the end as a farmer on a tractor reading Thoreau.

Of course.

Plus, that orange dress with the pouf has such a tight skirt Shirley is hobbled and minces around like a geisha. Of course.

Thombeau said...

Scott, not only are those great pics, but you are totally cute!

Unknown said...

Marilyn Monroe was attached to this film right before she died. I always wondered how the film would have turn out had Marilyn lived.