Sunday, March 30, 2008


Correct Opinion love this X-Files poster.
Cracked investigates 6 of Hollywood's favorite offensive 'types'
Cinematical great images from The Fall
Golden Fiddle has some fun at Kate Bosworth's expense
Popnography interviews one of my fav scene stealers Loretta Devine
Out in Hollywood has helpfully compiled a bunch of incarnations of Gypsy for you to decide who is best as Mama Rose. He also chats with Joseph Gordon-Levitt of Stop-Loss
Boy Culture celebrates Madonna's return to the Vanity Fair cover (it's been a loooong time) and the likely chart topping of Hard Candy to come.
Everything I Know... shares interesting buzz about the upcoming West Side Story revival on Broadway.
Filmonic real life actors cast as The Simpsons? Fun choices.

Popular Mechanics "Ten Most Prophetic Sci-Fi Movies" [tip: Glenn Kenny]
Empire has new photos from Bryan Singer's upcoming Valkyrie. I am really excited to see Carice Van Houten in another film (after her breakthrough in Black Book) but for some reason I feel like this still is from a superhero film and not a war drama...

er... maybe it's just the high saturation of the color that's leading my brain there. Or Tommyboy's eyepatch? I'm not sure. But I just think: superpowers!

And, finally, don't you just love low budget creativity. The following two videos would surely make Michel Gondry happy. Here's two you've probably seen but I love them so I'm sharing, like it or not. The first is a cardboard tribute to Tron (1982) [tip: Drawn] and the latter is a Harry Potter puppet show seen by gazillions already [tip: ModFab]. Both are so fun.

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Kamila said...

You mentioned Carice Van Houten and I have seen "Black Book" yesterday and I was very impressed with her. She is so talented. It was just a matter of time before she was discovered by Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

That X-Files poster is terrible.

Marshall said...

Does terrible mean wonderful now? Like how Christian has us all saying "fierce"?

Michael B. said...

Carice Van Houten in that picture looks like Cate Blanchett.

Anonymous said...

"Sweding" has been around much longer than Be Kind Rewind, of course, but I wonder if it will get bigger exposure now. Judging by the number of people in the theater with me at Rewind, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she definitely look like Blanchett on that pic.

By the way, who can take Valkyrie seriously ? I mean, a movie about Nazis with British actors and Tom Cruise ? Where are Moritz Bleibtreu and Thomas Krestchman when you need them ?

Is Tom Cruise competing for best performance by an actor with an eyepatch And an accent ? Not sure he can top Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow


for sure, Liz, and good point. I only meant that Gondry really loves the hand made aesthetic.

alex Thomas Kretschmann IS actually in Valkyrie :) You've got your wish.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's tom with his mitts around Carice? (Unhand her, you swine!) I'd look terrified too, if I were her.

I loved the link to the "film stereotypes" Nat - because I've thought the very same thing numerous times. (The evil homosexual was burned in my brain as a teenager in "No Way Out". It's never said, of course, but the sight of that character in a white silk robe - I said "he's meant to be homosexual". Interestingly enough, my mom didn't see what I saw until I pointed it out to her.)


Anonymous said...

Carice Van Houten looks like Cate Blanchett in that picture. Woot!

Love the posters for "The X-Files" and shamefully, "What Happens in Vegas".