Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't Tell Me...'re not joining the 'Musical of the Month' club -- Aug 6th (and every 6th thereafter) right here @ The Film Experience and @ participating singing & dancing blogs. Even Madonna is excited to talk Doris Day in Calamity Jane.

Don't tell me to blog
---Tell me "Jane"'s not a dog
------Other blogs better show
----------Nathaniel said so, mmm-mm

I've been super pleased with the participation and the enthusiasm this season (easily the most successful TFE summer yet) and given that... I feel more excited about the upcoming Oscar season than I usually do. Unfortunately my funds have run dry so I return to corporate America today for at least a few weeks. I won't have as much time to write while I earn dollars doing less interesting work, so JA (My New Plaid Pants), Jonathan (Cinema Styles) and Robert (Country Fair and Circus) and have agreed to pitch in when inspiration hits them. Enjoy their upcoming posts in addition to mine. If you love TFE to stay as content filled and busy as it's been all summer (when I've devoted most of my time to it) please consider a small donation.

money = time ...and all that jazz. xoxo. Peace out.


Catherine said...

I'd glady donate, but at the moment I'm quite penniless. Been tramping around the city all day handing in CVs. If I get a job, I promise I'll do my best to contribute!

Looking forward to the 'Musical of the Month club', though. Still haven't seen Calamity Jane (oops) but I'll get my hands on a copy soon.

Anonymous said...

Can't Stand Doris Day! Ughh!

Chris Na Taraja said...

See Calamity Jane! so many people haven't, but it's so fun.

I used to work in a Video store...OMG remember those?! and my friend and manager used to have movie parties, Calamity Jane was one of her favorites and mine too.

Oh, the deadwood coach is acomin' on over the hill....