Wednesday, July 30, 2008

They Want to Suck

... "your blood" I should probably add before you go thinking that Lost Boys: The Tribe is one of those straight-to-DVD offerings that, well, sucks. I can't vouch for quality or lack thereof as I haven't seen it. But ... you know how I feel about the vampires...

[tilts head, exposes porcelain-skinned neck]

CONTEST: I have one DVD copy to give away and 3 soundtracks. If you've got a thing for vamps or The Lost Boys or even Corey Feldman (you might want to keep that last one to yourself), enter the contest by sending me an e-mail with
  • LOSTBOYS in the subject line
  • your name and address (t'will be kept private)
  • and tell me one thing you cherish or remember about the 1987 teen classic which started this whole franchise.
The film stars a bunch of people you haven't heard of but Tad Hilgenbrink (right) might look familiar from the gay film The Curiousity of Chance. He also put that jawline to use mocking James Marsden's 'Cyclops' in Epic Movie --not that I saw it! Dear God give me some benefit of the doubt.

The contest winner (drawn randomly) will win both film & CD and two runners up will get just the CD featuring tracks from Aiden, Yeah Whatever and Dave Gahan (!) among others.


John P. said...

The biggest bummer about the new Lost Boys is that both Coreys signed on again. I guess Dream a Little Dream 5 is on hold or something.

Hayden said...

Ew. I can't even abide listening to talk about vampires since the Vampire Sex Books (Aka the Twilight series) got ridiculously popular.

Anonymous said...

I hate how no good vampire movies have come out since...when? The 19frickin60's? I love zombies but c'mon, we need some new...blood.


anon i urge you to see NEAR DARK. It's really good. and Bram Stoker's Dracula has its moments if you're in the right mood for it (it's easy to understand the detractors there as well)

Adam said...

I have absolutely no desire to win this disc, but my favorite bits have to be Corey Feldman with his "Born to Shop" shirt and the Rob Lowe poster in his bedroom. I think he was intended to be Joel Schumacher at that age.

nickybeit said...

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Anonymous said...

speaking of James Marsden, has anyone seen the trailer for Sex Drive?
I mean, it looks exactly like every one of those stock geeky-teenage-boy-discovers-both-love-and-Sex-but-not-necessarily-in-that-order movies and James Marsden looks like he's going to be hanging out on the fringe of what little plot there is, but he's JAMES MARSDEN and he is wonderful, and dangit if he can't get me to want to see almost anything, including this thing.
I feel kind of dirty just thinking about it.
Someone else watch the trailer so I can have some commiseration.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I can't get the e-mail to work. Arrrg!

When I was a kid, I cherished the hunky brother who was turning into the vampire, and dreamed of being attacked while singing in the bathtub.

As an adult...I still cherish the vampire brother, but I have to say, I cherish Diane Wiest most of all.

And love the vampire thing. I still wonder when they are going to make the Vampire Lestat, or better yet, The Tale of the Body Thief!

Chris Na Taraja said...

Oh yeah, and it looks like another really good Vampire story, is about to be made into a film. Brian Lumlys' Necroscope. One of my favorites.