Friday, July 18, 2008

Now Playing: Nothing Really Special Opening This Week Edition

The Dark Knight So apparently there's a Batman movie coming out this week. You'd think they'd do a better job marketing these things because, honestly, I was not aware. I guess the villain is clown guy. His name eludes me at the moment. Not sure what the critical response is going to be. They'll probably shrug it off. I mean, it is a comic book movie after all.
Mamma Mia! Some nice counterbalance programming here as wives, girlfriends, sisters, and mothers around the country will be looking for something to distract them from the utter shame and dorkitude of the men in their lives.
Space Chimps And now we know where the kids will be dumped. Here's a movie probably looking to make minimal profit and disappear. It can be neither the best space themed cartoon of the summer nor the best talking animal cartoon of the summer.

Before I Forget Drama about an aging gay gigolo. Limited though they may be, here's hoping well reviewed films like this don't put too much stock in opening weekend numbers... not this weekend.
Lou Reed's Berlin Julian Schnabel's concert film of, well, Lou Reed's Berlin. Fans of the avant-garde or the rock music take note.
Transsiberian Brad Anderson's follow up to The Machinist takes a dangerous trip on the world's most famous railroad. Woody Harrelson, Emily Mortimer and Ben Kingsley all maintain a safe body weight, and star.
Felon If you've ever wondered if Stephen Dorff fighting for his life inside prison would make for a good movie, the answer apparently is... eh maybe.


adam k. said...

Nat, this is totally random, but have you heard Evan Rachel Wood's singing voice? I know I've said this before, but as a fan of hers, you really owe it to yourself to check out Across the Universe. She's fantastic in it, despite how contrived and silly it is at times. I'm still shocked you never saw it.

She's every bit as good a singer as she is an actress (her acting in the film is tops, too). Please check it out before you do any kind of "Actresses of the Aughts" finally tally, cause it's sure to bump her up several notches.

I'm telling you, the girl can SING. She needs an album, stat.

Robert said...

If you're afraid to watch Across the Universe, here's what you do. You invite a bunch of friends over and play "guess the next Beatle's song"

Trust me, it makes a labor of a movie into an actual good time.

But in my opinion, Evan's loverly singing voice can't make up for the fact that her career has tanked.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your facetiousness in the title of this post ;)

adam k. said...

Tanked? How has it tanked? She's 20 years old, fer chrissakes. Let her find her footing. She's not even old enough to have a truly adult career. Just cause she hasn't done anything as great as Thirteen lately...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Across the Universe. If every film had a scene as imaginative as "I Want You," we'd be complaining a lot less.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Dark Knight!

John Briner
Los Angeles