Thursday, July 24, 2008

Through the Linking Glass

Low Resolution one more thing about Mamma Mia!
From the Front Row
on Hairspray 2 ???
<--- Defamer beat me to the punch at exposing the inspiration for new vampiric movie advertisements
Anne Thompson on Hollywood about the TIFF galas and a little snippet of great buzz (the first?) on the Demme/Hathaway picture Rachel Getting Married. I have had a good feeling about this film all year... I hope my hunch is correct.
Hollywood Reporter Australia, that movie-star factory, may have just produced another one. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film has found its lead from Down Under. I'm so confused. Wasn't Helena available? (j.k.)
Coming Soon John Barrowman being considered for Captain America?
Dykes To Watch Out For "the rule" regarding moviegoing. Can't see many movies this way [src]
My New Plaid Pants 'Gratuitous Warren Beatty'. I'm always down for that. How about you?
eMackinations who said this about whom? don't forget that your family is gold
i09 trouble for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse series... or just business as usual?

And three new(ish) movie posters


Anonymous said...

Annette Bening.. is that you ??


right? what a weird botoxed poster that is.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, it will be time to stop mocking the Burton/Bonham-Carter team and start mocking the Rodriguez/McGowan team. Seriously, where will it end?

adam k. said...

I just realized that Rachel Getting Married sounds a lot like Peggy Sue Got Married. Similar result?

Anonymous said...

When a Bad poster attacks!!!

Annette Bening... WTF? I think she fired her agent, PR or stylist, because she looks a hibrid of Wilhelmina Slater and Alvin.

Jim Carrey looks like Julie andrews in this awful, a la pushing daisies and pinky poster!!!

Keira Knightley... Cute but very lame and she looks likwe a breaker doll

Anonymous said...

Rachel Getting Married sounds way too much like Margot at the Wedding. If Hathaway gets a nod while Kidman did not, I think I will vomit.

Sam Brooks said...

John Barrowman as Captain America. One of the world's hottest gay actors playing the hero of the USA. Take that, haters!

Anonymous said...

They should have just done the animal comparison thing from the beginning of the original movie for the poster, have the names of the actresses there and then the critters...

Glenn said...

Good on Mia Wasikowska. She's a fine young actress so it's good to see her get a big role like Alice in Wonderland.

As for the those posters. I really like the one for Yes. Certainly grabs your attention and lets you know that (for better or worse) "goofy Jim Carrey is back". That The Women poster is pretty bad though, huh?

I wish that poster for Jennifer's Body didn't look so computer generated.

Anon, we can start yammering on about Rodriguez and McGowen when they actually make the movies they have in development. They seem to be stuck in development, mostly.

Nat, you just know Carter will have a role of some kind!

Hayden said...

Woah, woah, woah. Margot and Rachel may have somewhat similar premises, but you can't knock Hathaway if she gets nominated when Kidman didn't. She's working with a more-Oscar friendly director and, unlike Kidman, she's not starring opposite Jack Black and the biggest Oscar pariah of the 90's (JJL<3). To boot, Kidman seems to be constantly fighting uphill to get back into the Academy's good graces whereas Hathaway's career trajectory has all but opened the doors to an Oscar nomination for her.

And Hathaway is gorgeous, friendly, and genuinely talented in her own right, so I won't stand for any badmouthing.

Hayden said...

I was responding to "anonymous, by the way."


Glenn --yes, of course. Probably The Queen of Hearts, right?

Anonymous said...

Helena will almost definately be playing the Queen of Hearts, so I wouldn't worry about her yet.

On the Barrowman front, I don't think the producers really know what they're getting themselves into on the promotion front. Maybe they should watch some clips of him on Jonathan Ross (UK talk show) before they sign on the dotted line.

Hayden said...

OMG Helena as the Queen of Hearts.

Anonymous said...

Yes nathaniel you're right, i've seen barrowman on johnathan ross and he's a bit (a lot) extreme, not really someone who you want to promote a film like this from a producer's point of view. I'm sure they probably won't get him, after casting RDJ in Iron Man and Ed Norton in Hulk, they' ll want to secure a name thats on the same level as both of them.


that's what i thought upon hearing the news but on the other hand... how many A list names can be afforded for an already expensive movie?

it's not like superhero films are the type that actors agree to appear in for scale, you know?

if they get everyboyd in the expensive range... how can they still do the effects budget and the advertising budget? It'll be even more expensive than The Dark Knight (which was like $180 right? BEFORE advertising budget) and by some estimates even The Dark Knight might not break even in theatrical.

it's true that the game is changing and you don't necessarily have to make a profit in release to be considered a hit but these group superhero movies still seem suspect to me, budget wise.

you'd think AVENGERS would have to be more like X-Men where you have a couple of big names but everyboyd else is midlevel.

I realize that the

Billy McLellan said...

problem i have is that barrowman is WAY too old for captain america! especially since captain america is going to be an origin story... barrowman is over 40, and in the comics steve rogers was like 23.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hayden, re: Rachel Getting Married. Also, anonymous - see the movie first before judging the performances?

Mattie Lucas said...

Thanks for the link love Nathaniel! Took me a while to see it, but better late than never.