Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spot The Dame!


JA from MNPP here. I'm tickled pink (a la a certain deranged Dolores) by the above shot - click it to make it bigger and play the game yourself! - from the new trailer for the sixth Harry Potter flick: those are the hallways of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and my fave Dame's head is boxed in there, barely indistinguishable from the rest of the muckity muck... kind of fitting for a series so crowded with classic Brit thespians, no? I always feel like I'm scouring the sidelines for a glimpse of Miss Maggie. If I don't see her shepherding a fleet of magicked desks down a hallway to battle in the final film (highlight that only if you've read the whole series; I wouldn't want to spoil anything) I will be a very very sad fanboy.

Anyway, I took a bunch of screen-caps and made some notes on the trailer over at MNPP, but here at TFE I thought it'd be a more appropriate place to ask who you're most excited about seeing in the new flick. My memory's dodgy since it's been 3 years since the book came out and I read it in a span of about 24 hours, but off the top of my head I know we've got Jim Broadbent showing up as Horace Slughorn... then there's Fenrir Greyback, "the most savage werewolf alive today" ... but the one I'm most curious about is Helen McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy, especially with what comes later.......... I will shut up now.

Excited, y'all.


Anonymous said...

I'm approaching this movie with extreme caution. HBP is my favorite book in the series, and with the slash and hack job that Yates did with Phoenix, I'm afraid we're going to see even less of our favorite supporting characters, including Ron and Hermione, in favor of long scenes with Harry, Dumbledore and Slughorn, who should be the centerpiece a la Umbridge in OOTP.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the books, but I count myself as a Harry Potter film fan, and the teaser trailers that they come up with (more so than the full-length trailers) never fail to give me goose-bumps about the possibilities of what the film might have in store.

I just wish that they weren't splitting the final film in two. I guess if they both come out in the same year (one in the summer and one in the winter) it might be alright, but it still wouldn't be the same. Apparently there's enough stuff to cut out as well, so I just don't see why they can't be economical with their story choices.

Hayden said...

I hate the idea of McCrory as Narcissa Malfoy, because she was originally pegged to play Bellatrix but dropped out due to a pregnancy. It's like they're just giving her the role as some kind of consolation, nevermind the fact that Narcissa and Bellatrix are polar opposites and that she doesn't physically resemble Narcissa at all.

I was so happy when Naomi Watts was attached, and I had always wanted Joley Richardson to play Narcissa Malfoy. But I suppose it's too late. Grrrr.

Jason Adams said...

I agree that McCrory doesn't resemble the Narcissa I had in my head at all... that's I'm curious and not excited. I always pictured Naomi Watts in the part... wish she would've gotten it. But the little I've seen McCory do, she's a good actress, and maybe she'll surprise us.

I liked Phoenix, although I haven't gone back and watched it a second time yet.

Anonymous said...

I hope to god they include the Quidditch tryouts this time!!!

This book is so dark, it could really use the laughs. It's been frustrating how quidditch has been completely left aside in the more recent films...

Joe Reid said...

Truth be told, I wouldn't miss the Quiddich parts -- rather they cut that than the stuff with the Hogwarts kids. Order of the Phoenix did a good job with the gang of six (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Luna), and HBP actually gives key story points to some kids we've never seen in the films, so they're going to have to be introduced with some care.

As for Narcissa, I always saw Kristin Scott Thomas in the role -- Naomi Watts seemed too young.

And I barely remember what Slughorn did in the book, so I'm hoping he doesn't get as prominent a spot as Umbridge did.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe_Reid, Kristen Scott Thomas would've been... *melts*

Order Of the Phoenix was the best o the films so far so I'm ver happy Yates is back.

Oh, and the aforementioned desk and dame thing, may just be my favourite part of the whole book series. McGonagall was alway my favourite character.

Anonymous said...

I grew out of being a rabid HP fan at the appropriate age, but I still have fond memories of the books and was excited to read the final story. The movies are great fun for me, but I never get terribly excited about them.

But this trailer has pleased me greatly. I love the fact that they're focusing on just one important aspect of the story, which reassures fans that it will be treated with the proper respect, and reminds people like me of all the tantalizing things I've half forgotten about. So much better than a bunch of meaningless action scenes cut together.

I've no doubt that the "full" trailer will be much more traditional, but I'll always love the teaser best.

Michael B. said...

There's rumors that Smith won't be able to do DH becuase she has cancer and needs time off. They say that Angela Lansbury is pegged for the role. I don't know if I believe it, but I just think that Smith has it in her to do the last one.