Monday, July 28, 2008

"You can't smoke grass in school!"



elgringo said...

One of my favorite thrillers.
One of my least favorite actresses.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that both Terms of Endearment's Winger and The Evening Star's Lewis are retired or semi-retired from acting.

Maybe it is going too far, but I found Lewis' performance in Cape Fear the most natural of the whole cast.


Anonymous said...

i thought everyone was wonderful personally i think lewis should've won the oscar but she seems to play variations on her ingenue even now,i als othink lange was robbed of a best actress nod by bette bloody midler.

what say you nat in the 91 actress and s/actress race was lange robbed or was she support was lewis robbed.

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome scene. Apparently Lewis had a huge crush on DeNiro during the whole thing. I can't really blame her.

I really like how Scorcese didn't shy away from portraying an adolescent girl's sexuality. It's not a perfect film, but it has some really great parts.

Jason Adams said...

I hadn't seen it since I was young, like 14, and rewatched it last week 0 it's so fucking INSANE. It's not a great flm, but it has great, crazy performances from EVERYONE, and just goes so fast and so far I refuse to knock it for being such a psychotic break put to film.

Lewis is ACES. Not a wrong note to her performance. Start to finish, she splits this girl open and lays bare the horror. Phenomenal. Better than Deniro at 17 or whatever she was.

Anonymous said...

My absolute favourite actress.

Anonymous said...

Lewis' performance was one of the most thrilling moments I have ever spent watching a movie. It was genuine, full of life and unforgettable portrait of a tennage girl in the midst of family drama. Scorsese was smart enough to notice she had the more complex character and let her begin and end the movie.
Illeana Douglas was excellent in the movie too. She nails her scene with De Niro!
As far as the Oscars, Mercedes Ruhel was NOT supporting in her movie. She was the lead actress in a film headlined by two other bigger names.
Lewis should definitely have won the award and made her performance even more celebrated than it is.

Mr. Goodbar


agreed. Reuhl is actually a lead. at the time i went with supporting (in my own head --wasn't writing back then) but the many years that have followed have made me so wary of all this fraud that now I feel hard line about it. ;)