Saturday, July 26, 2008


Coming Soon liveblogs Terminator: Salvation panel @ Comic Con
<-- Golden Fiddle Aaron Eckhart fun facts and scans
Odd bit here. Sports pundit wants The Dark Knight's Aaron Eckhart campaigned for an Oscar and not Heath Ledger.
Just Jared Is Rosie getting a primetime variety show? Television hasn't had a true hit variety show in way too long. If all things are cyclical it's time for those to be popular again.
Anne Thompson more on True Blood the new HBO vampire series
Twitch it's official: Darren Aronofsky doing a Robocop picture. How very odd. Is there a part for Ellen Burstyn?
NY Post Hollywood beauties Tyrone Power and Robert Taylor on DVD

today's must read
Electronic Cerebectomy "Get F***ing Over It" I seriously love it when smart people get impatient with the world's stupidity. I love it love it love it. Everyone should let one of these loose now and again.


whitney said...

You know Eckhart and I went to film school together? Well...sort of...he was there 10 years earlier. We just missed each other.


um. I went to school with Eckhart!


as detailed in other Eckhart posts ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah, that rant was fantastic. Thanks for pointing me towards it, it really brightened my day.

whitney said...

wtf and omg? did you go to BYU...because that would blow my mother fucking mind.

Anonymous said...

I personally liked Eckhart's performance better than Ledger's. Ledger had the advantage of a flashier character, but Eckhart convinced me in both his Harvey Dent and Two-Face personas, the transformation (not physical) was incredible. So I'm glad that someone recognizes his effort as most reviews I see overlook Eckhart.


that I did Whitney. If you click on the Eckhart label you can read more.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I'm glad someone else is trumpeting Eckhart. When I left the theater the first time, all I was thinking about was Harvey Dent, and that's all I wanted to talk about.

Anonymous said...

I thought Eckhart did a really good job, too. It's nice to see that he can now be "The White Knight" and is over some of his early typecasting. Didn't he do so good a job in "The Company of Men"(?) that people thought he was like that sleazy character for a long time?

The whole cast is good, and it's like career resucitation time there, so many "recovering" from playing unsympathetic characters. Gary Oldman played so many villains, it's like the middle of his career was lost. The Batman role itself helped shake some of "American Psycho" off Christian Bale's image. And now Maggie Gyllenhaal can be seen as a sweet and desirable leading lady, not a tiny niche weird actress.

Even Eric Roberts looked more normal and better looking than usual. (What a cautionary tale for beautiful young actors - don't drive a motorcycle and smash your nose so you're not cute anymore, and don't play a loathsome slimeball character so well that everyone thinks you are that character ("Star80"). And don't KEEP on playing more scuzzy parts).

Of course Freeman and Caine have played so many parts that their villains are just part of their repertoire. Freeman's villain in "Street Smart" is a classic, and Caine in "Mona Lisa" is repellent.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Actors, people have went to advanced screening of Revoultionary Road. Here is what they had to say.

- Just saw the advance screening tonight, and I feel very sure Leo and Kate will both be nominated. I think Leo could most definitely win. That will also bring this film to a wider audience than might otherwise be interested in a heavy drama of this type.

- I was at the screening and I loved the movie. It's quite a sad piece, but the performances are extraordinary, especially by Kate and Leo.

- I can't compare to other movies for this year, but having seen the advance screening, I really think this is Leo's year. As long as enough Oscar voters watch this performance, they must see his performance for what it is -- unf-ingbelievable.

- I was basically enthralled the entire time by the performances. I do think, in general, fans of Kate and Leo will love it, and those who appreciate outstanding acting will love it.

- Well, I think this is a breakthrough performance for Leo. This might be the year he wins.

- Next to What's Eating Gilbert Grape this is my favorite Leo performance ever. I've seen almost every one of his movies. Of course he's matured as an actor since that breakout role and so there is depth to his performance that couldn't and shouldn't have been there 15 years ago.

- I think it's best picture worthy. I think it may be nominated but will not win for best picture. I think Mendes, Leo and Kate will all be nominated, and I would think Leo has a strong chance to win.

- The acting is spectacular.

- My favorite scenes of the movie involve the two of them fighting, real screaming matches that gave me chills.

- The last fight between April and Frank, their fighting gave me chills and April's high pitch screams feel like you're in the room with her.

- The score was fantastic, extremely American Beauty-esque, in a good way. I actually thought they pulled some of the score directly from that movie. The cinematography was great as well, there were great shots throughout with my favorites being a panning shot of Kate Winslet in front of her front window and a shot of Leo in the rain, I don't want to say anymore about those shots because I don't want to spoil anything. Sam Mendes did another great job shooting this movie.

gathered by the folks at the Awardsdaily forum.

whitney said...

I clicked on that tag and realized that you're, like, totally obsessed with Eckhart.

Anyway, we sort of went to school together. That is just too big of a coincidence to me. Like, do you know Sharon Swenson? Roxanna? Dean Duncan? Too crazy.