Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess Who's Linking For Dinner

The Projectionist Edelstein responds to hate mail fanboy attacks on his negative Dark Knight review. Great stuff. I'm alarmed at the conformity of superhero worship even though I love superheroes myself. Why do people get so freaked out in defense of movies THEY HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN.
The Flick Filosopher has though and she goes consensus --Loves it. I can't remember where I saw it but there was even a "story" online about how Ralph Fiennes beat Heath Ledger as 'best villain ever' in a poll. Um... how could Ledger be #2 when only critics have seen the movie? Ugh. Fanboys. They just can't help themselves. I love Ledger with a big weepy heart but its embarrassing to worship at the altar of something you have no first hand knowledge of which is what the fan community has decided to do. I'm starting to sour on the movie before seeing it and I did not want that to happen. When Hype Attacks there are often no survivors.

Antonio Banderas launches fragrance, looks great in suit, still can't accessorize (Melanie Griffith) for shit
Orlando Sentinel on the "sexiest black women" --even a list like this ignores black movie actresses (see prev. post) in favor of TV personalities and models. Argh. They can't catch a break. A list of 16 and no Kerry Washington. wtf? Halle Berry lands at #1. Here's to originality!
Drawn! details that New Yorker Obama cartoon controversy. Love it
The Guardian superheroes need shrinks. Especially Batman
Cinematical stole the color palette I've been working for years. Yet another reason to hate them. But they're sharing news about a possible stage to screen Wicked movie. Though one has to question their taste level. Wicked is a fun show but it isn't close to being the "best" that Broadway can offer. There were at least a few better shows in the year of its debut, as well as other strong ones since.

I'm off for the next few days (YAZ00! and other stuff) but please enjoy the stylings of...
They're my magical elves munchkins this time around.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the best villains article (or one of the articles anyway). You'll see that it wasn't a poll, but decided by Moviefone editors. So fanboys aren't to blame for everything. Just almost everything :)