Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've Written A Letter To Daddy Saying..."I Link You"

And Your Little Blog, Too enjoys Whatever Happened to Baby Jane all over again --with an audience. Bette Davis rocks that Grand Guignol, doesn't she?
Gallery of the Absurd reimagines our tabloid culture obsessing on scientists instead of celebrities. Hee
Defamer Eddie Murphy disses his own Meet Dave premiere --'this is why he lost the Oscar'
Spill Michael Bay's rejected Dark Knight script. Hee --the details
IFC Tilda Swinton is starting a film festival. I just read the description. I almost couldn't love her more than I already do but maybe...

Meanwhile in the 'sphere: Debates about Wanted rage on. The Guardian has a spirited defense and Lazy Eye Theater a genius take down.

I Watch Stuff examines the Nick and Norah poster for telltale signs of indie-quirk. Nobody seems to realize that this is coming from the director of Raising Victor Vargas which I have been championing 4evah. It might be great like his debut.
Bauer Griffin shared horrifying news: The My Big Fat Greek Wedding co-stars are back.
A Socialite's Life James "Damon" McAvoy in Details
Just Jared new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince pics. Still no reveal of Jim Broadbent though. Damn


Anonymous said...

Oh words cannot express how much I love la Swinton. I can't say she's my favourite actress purely because there's no one that I can compare her to. She's so damn unique.

Anonymous said...

The Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams.

Best. Newspiece. Ever.


right? I love that the blogger is so shocked by TILDA SWINTON making a "punk" move. I mean, helloooooo

Jason Adams said...

Jim Broadbent #1 (that is him, right? Sometimes he can look so different to me)

Jim Broadbent #2 (that's def. him - the nose!)


thanks. i guess i thought he'd look more... made up or something? But that series is always a little bland looking to me -- especially in stills.

Vertigo's Psycho said...

Thanks for the nice Jane link. I was kind of late getting it up, but I just HAD to post it, anyway. If you ever get the chance to watch this with a big, "game" audience, do not pass up the opportunity.

Catherine said...

Damn! Baby Jane was playing at the cinema here a few weeks ago as part of a Davis retrospective thing and I missed it due to a family dinner. Pah.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

"films with highly coloured, dreamlike elements,"

Or something Tilda would have worn during Edward II.

"Films Tilda Would Put in Her Closet" is a suggestion of mine.

Pfangirl said...

Ja beat me to it... Broadbent Harry Potter pics can also be found in the Movieweb gallery:

He does seem to be the weakest embodiment of a HP character on the big screen so far. Not very walrus-like at all.