Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This Thing Called Blog

Sigh + (Yay! x Huh?) / Movie! = My blogging equation. I love it. I hate it. It aggravates me. It inspires me. Even when I feel burnt out (charcoal burnt right now -yikes... see sidebar) I still find myself wanting to do it. It's so bizarre. The only things that keep me going are you -- you reader you, my overemphatic love of actresses, the random donation (see sidebar again) and my OCD as a writer/cinephile/bloviator.

From July 17 ~ 21 I'll be having guest bloggers in da houze. If you have a clever blog or are a talented writer and like talking cinema with enthusiastic readers, shoot me an e-mail with a bit about yourself and links to writing samples so you'll be on my radar if or when I decide to add weekly columnists or take future breaks --said breaks are generally taken for sanity purposes, freelance deadlines, or wild sex romps with multitudinous celebrity lovers.

(I'd also love to hear from any NYC photographers who read this blog if they might want to work with me on future projects.)

While we're on the subject of delusions and internet addictions, just thought I'd share this Internet Love Song that's cracking me up / stuck in my head. This here is Tom Milsom (19. eep!) from the UK. He's already got a whole album out for download. The chorus is so funny/sweet.

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