Sunday, July 13, 2008

Link Attack

Before we get started, let me first wish my childhood sweetheart Olivia Newton-John congratulations on her recent wedding.

Olivia has only appeared in two motion pictures since retiring from attempted movie stardom in Two of a Kind waaaay back in 1983 --curiously, both were gay-ish indies: the cult comedy Sordid Lives (2000) and AIDS drama It's My Party (2006) which was directed by Randal Kleiser who sewed her into those famous hotpants @ the end of Grease (1978). Not literally. But he directed it so, you know, eternal credit to him. The universe thanks him. "Tell me about it... stud"

If you only knew what you're linking me to
It feels like a link attack
You're giving me a link attack
Link attack
You're giving me a link attack

Correct Opinion would like to know what's going on with this Joker-like cover of Maggie Gyllenhaal. Seriously Tatler!
Black20 really cool Batman vs. Batman mashup
Burbanked "I am a walking movie cliché"
The Big Picture
More on Spike Jonze and the troubled Where the Wild Things Are production
Rob Scheer on Hellboy II "it's hard to be anything besides appreciative."
Star East Zhang Ziyi is making it official with her man (sorry J.D.)
Dear Jesus and Hell on Frisco Bay attend the San Francisco Silent Film Festival
NY Times "Virginal Goth Girl" on the Twilight phenomenon. I'll have much more to say about this later when I finish the book. But I can already see the Mormon influenced desexualized unrealistic everything in it.
Anne Thompson on Twilight and The Spirit at the upcoming Comic-Con in San Diego


J.D. said...


Michael B. said...

I saw The Dark Knight and I won't give anything away but ill just tell you Ledger and the cast was amazing. I was going to talk about Maggie G, becuase that magazine picture makes her look horrible. She was much better than Katie Holmes and got something to do this time. It was a nice role and she played it perfectly. Movie beat all expectations, but that magazine cover sucks.

Amy said...

There seems to be a bit of a problem with the predictions.


Classic novel. Titanic cast reunited. Moving drama?
Why not?
Might it be beautiful but hard to love like Mendes' last two pictures? Marital dramas are often easier bets for acting/writing

TB said...



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear your take on Twilight. I'm with teo: ugh.

I will have to say that based on your comments about Kristen Stewart - how she radiates "need" - she has been perfectly cast as Bella in the Twilight movie.

Janice said...

Congrats to Livvy! (I assume she's well and truly over that fellow who...disappeared. Have they checked Bolivia?)

Loved the 4 Batmans "trailer" Nat - awesome editing. The "Search for Indiana Jones" documentary "trailer" is also brilliant:

Anonymous said...

So I heard the guy who plays the lead in "Twilight" is the one who was Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter film. Good news, Cedric fans! He isn't dead, he's undead.

Anonymous said...

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