Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Dark Bailout has gone Bat-Crazy. First they asked this grammatical pop question: is it The Batman or just Batman? Hee. And they've made this odd Dark Bailout video. It'd be a funny mashup if it weren't so creepy.

I'm so horrified that the ridiculous hard right swerve we took as a nation is still viewed as OK by so many citizens. And in a way I'm even more horrified by undecided voters. How could you not have made a decision by now the way things are going? And McCain, the Great DeRegulator and faux maverick, is proving himself to be more of a hypocrite than I ever feared he was. But here's the real sting at the moment: Why is it that we're expected to think that socializing health care is EVIL (so many people in power seem to think so) but it's okay to socialize Wall Street, where people make 6 figures on up with great regularity? I'd be much happier if my tax dollars went towards subsidizing a neighbor's medical needs than insuring that some über wealthy person stayed that way. This country has some seriously f***ed up morals. Which is probably why The Dark Knight strikes such a chord with people. Even if people don't understand what's wrong, they understand something's wrong. WHAT A MESS.


Robert said...

I was just making this argument to someone. We were saying how we didn't realize we had 700 Billion to spare. And if so, why weren't we spending it in health care?

Because that would be socialism. But the government owning a 70% stake in the nation's largest insurance company... apparently that's just fine.


The great f***over is that our tax payer dollars bail out this system (the free market) when it doesn't run correctly and we're told when it comes to regulation that THE MARKET CAN RUN ITSELF.

it's all a great lie just to keep the wealthy in power. just like the war which is all about getting the oil in the free market and not having it be owned by the people in Iraq.

That more middle class and poor people keep voting for these greedy mofos is just a sad commentary on about a gajillion things but mostly: journalism pulling punches, a bad education system that would never think to teach critical thinking skills, religion as corporation, ARGH.

if Obama loses (not that he's perfect either) I don't know how we'll survive it... 12 years of this madness is just too much to consider.

Anonymous said...

I agree. How can people be so ignorant as to vote against their best interests year after year.

And how can supposedly smart people like Angie Jolie Voight say things like "I haven't decided"?

If you are not a pro-lifer, gun nut, want to legalize discrimination, or are actually looking forward to the apocalypse...what's to decide? Really.

Anonymous said...

If you want things to get better in America it all starts with the Congress. Obama and McCain can say whatever they want, but if the Congress isn't in the mood it doesn't matter. More and more the POTUS is becoming just figurehead, like the Queen of England - technically they're in charge but the power remains with the representatives. Forget about the presidential race for a day or two and do some homework on who your Senators and Representatives are. They're the ones wiht the power.

Article I Section I of the USConstitution: "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives."
It's this article that places the power of the government primarily in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Funny how people are quick to criticize President Bush about this plan, but it was the Democrat-controlled Congress that is agreeing to go with it. It's mostly Republicans that are opposed, or at least tepid, about this plan. Most Democrats seem rather gung-ho. I agree with anonymous - the Congress needs to do better.

Eddie Meads said...

"I'd be much happier if my tax dollars went towards subsidizing a neighbor's medical needs than insuring that some über wealthy person stayed that way."

You would think that most voters would feel this way...but history sadly proves us wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, I just wanted to make a quick little bravo in your direction.

This election season, I've found many of my favorite entertainment blogs swamped with election-related, political material. There is a time and a place for political discussion within entertainment industry blogs, and you seem to have struck the most appropriate balance. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Julia.

Sometimes it's not even worth going to some sites/blogs because you just know there's going to be A LOT of politics. I like entertainment/film/Oscar sites for those reasons. If I want political analysis, I'll go to those sites.

Thanks Nathaniel.

Anonymous said...

I realize I was confusing in my previous post, but I hope you all get what I'm trying to say.


mr 9 if it's true that most Republicans are tepid than brava them. There is no way our tax dollars should be benefiting people who already made millions running our economy into the ground.

I was never that gung ho about Obama from the beginnning BUT the more I see of his preternatural calm the more I'm liking it. Even if McCain hadn't voted with Bush 95% of the time there would still be the temper problem. Can we please get someone with a little think before act please.

I am so sick of this running from crisis to crisis government we have and everyone pushing all these heinous things through (patriot act but that's not all) because they've successfully worked the nation into a tizzy. it's so cynical and dishonest.

I'd like my future with a calm and smart president please.

julia thanks. I try. most of the time lately i've been holding my tongue but occassionally i gotta let it out ;)

Chris Na Taraja said...


Chris Na Taraja said...

I jest.

Once again our president is trying to pass a bunch of bullshit under the guise of "we have to do this right now, or else!" How many more times is he going to do this?! how many more days do we need to see his face? how stupid is the american public?

So tired of the crisis terrorism we been subject to for the last 8 years.

does anyone else think that insurance is the biggest scam of the 20th century?

If we are truly capitalists, maybe we should let the businesses collapse...survival of the fitest you know. goes to show that you can't have pure capitalism with out some kind of social responsibility and consciousness.

I agree with averything you say, Nat, your a voice of reason....can we vote for you, for President?!


OMG. I so do not want that job. ha ha.

the only thing i want to be president of is Actressexuality or Oscar Punditry or some such ;)

NicksFlickPicks said...

Um, CO-president of Actressexuality, you inflamed power-grabber.

Chris Na Taraja said...

you are already the president of actressexulity and oscar punditity.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Is this some kind of palace coup? Have the coronating armies just marched right past me? Reach across the aisle, Nathaniel!

Anonymous said...

hi nat, what you wrote about...i couldn't get it out of my head the whole day. I'm from new zealand and I feel very sad for people over there. especially since my aunt lives in San Francisco and like so many she is going through hell financially. it does make me sick to hear about the bail-out. those f***heads are absolute criminals.

Anton said...

Sorry to go off topic here, but I believe he is called "the Batman" because what they are all really saying is, "the bat man." The man who dresses like a bat. Not necessarily the Batman. No one sees him as a figure, they just see him as a man dressed like a bat.