Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eagle Eye

Judging by the box office I'm assuming some of you saw it over the weekend. Do share. And have they improved the special effects since the days of Ladyhawke and Manimal?


Fox said...

Very nice photo shopping Nathaniel! :o)

I was utterly disappointed by Eagle Eye. I liked Disturbia, and I like Shia, but Eagle Eye was a giant mess... an idea that started decent enough but then lost it's footing. I won't get into details, but the last hour is just straight-up dumb.

I think DJ Caruso wishes he coulda had this one back.

elgringo said...

Sweet damn, Nathaniel. Thanks for the nightmares.

Fox said...

No kidding. I've been back here 4 times already just to stare at LeBeouf's eyes. I can't help myself! It's freaky but in almost kinda good way.

Anonymous said...

It's nice looking at times but Eagle Eye is the definition of a throwaway thriller. It's mildly enjoyable but completely forgettable.

Unknown said...

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Abominable Sandman said...

The key to enjoying this film was to turn off your brain and enjoy the special effects and shiny flashing lights, which I did. The film does bring up a good point about surveillance of a nation. In a strange way, it seems to be the flip-side of a coin with The Final Cut (starring Robin Williams). In Eagle Eye, the government is watching to punish and imprison. In Final Cut, memories are recorded and effectively censored to correct the wrongs of evil people. People even censor themselves to the point of lunacy.
One conservative talk-show host I spoke to recently (informally) let me know how much the filmmakers were poking fun at George Bush through their characterization of an idiotic, war-mongering president. I didn't actually notice the same as I watched the film, but I believe he's right.

Still, the film was worth my $$.