Friday, September 12, 2008

Most Link'ly to Succeed

Towleroad Liz Taylor hits West Hollywood gay bar. Health scare #400,328 has passed for now
NY Times Can I marry Manohla Dargis? This review of Righteous Kill is pure awesomeness
Defamer wants to know why Reese Witherspoon isn't top billed on movie posters? Duh Defamer, she has a vagina!
check out these great commissioned Mad Men art pieces (you're watching that show now right? [src]

MTV Movies Blog As one of the only Million Dollar Baby cast members without an Oscar, Anthony Mackie has something for your consideration: a biopic of Jesse Owens
Bauer Griffin Guy Ritchie's 40th birthday party. Wheee
Awards Daily on Che. IFC's release plans. Sound crappy to me. Video on Demand for a 4 and 1/2 film on your television or computer. Yikes.
My New Plaid Pants Michael Douglas as Liberace for Steven Soderbergh. Such strange news
Gallery of the Absurd Dolly Parton art show in LA. Looks fun. Which one of you will go and report back to TFE?


Anonymous said...

Sad to say that The Abbey is NOT gay anymore. It smells rancid and the food is not health conscious. The bartenders are straight and most of the clientele is v. bridge and tunnel, not cute and mostly herds of philistines! Did I say the Abbey was purchased by a straight guy?

Deborah said...

I know many people were recommending Mad Men to you, but I'm totally taking credit for the fact that you're watching now.

Just. Totally.

elgringo said...

"True to strut, pouf and wattles, Mr. Pacino’s cop goes by Rooster, while Mr. De Niro is just Turk, which doesn’t appear to be short for Turkey, though it sure does help to pass the time if you think about it."

Wow, that's the best single sentence I've read in months.

D. Moe said...

Thanks for spreading the word my Mad Men illustrations, but they weren't commissioned by anyone (with the exception of the Xmas card, which was and predates the others)