Sunday, September 21, 2008


Haiku Movie Reviews brilliantly succinct take on The Women ('08)
PitchFork listen to the new James Bond theme song. It's a rock number again. Don't they know that the best ones are the chanteusey deals? It's a nice girlie counterbalance to Bond's skirt-chasing and violence.
<--- Village Voice a horrifying piece from J Hoberman on summer movies and political history. If the choice is McCain as the Dark Knight and Obama is WALL•E as this article suggests (and not as strenuously as it may sound), we're basically doomed. Cynicism and optimism. Which the populace prefers.
has a piece on the late Anthony Perkins and his music career. Interesting stuff
Go Fug Yourself wants Justin Long to touch Kirsten Dunst. Make that sad sack happy
Willamette Week using the viral web to sell books & brand authors
For the Reels a webcomic that skewers movies old and new

PopSugar Javier Bardem won an Cinematography Award at San Sebastian. I'm sure that Javier Bardem hasn't been working on the sly as a Director of Photography but when I looked it up on the web almost every bit of reportage was the same 'Javier wins Cinematography Award'. Entertainment journalism can be so vague/funny. It's like a game of madlibs "[Celebrity Name] ____ [verb] ___ [thing] ___ in [place] ___ !!! " and that's the report, the whole damn thing. Maybe the cinematographers have awarded him for being dreamy to look at, light and shoot? Antonio Banderas was also there.

They should immediately co-star for Almodóvar in an uninhibited horny sequel to Law of Desire. It's been too long away from the great Pedro for both: 18 years for Antonio, 11 years for Javier. Too long. (Although at least Javi has had the smarts to work with other top drawer auteurs since)


Anonymous said...

Javier Bardem was awarded with the "Premio Nacional de Cinematografía", a special annual prize given by the Culture Department (Ministerio de Cultura) to the most outstanding person of the year in the movie industry. It's not related to a specific movie, but rather to career achievements (being the first Spanish actor winning an Oscar, for instance). As it's not related to a specific movie, San Sebastián Film Festival is just the setting, so it's not that he was competing for it.

Now I've written all that I realize you probably already knew all this, and just wanted to point out at the Cinematography/Cinematografía confusion, but I don't feel like deleting it;).

I second the Law of Desire sequel, only if Carmen Maura is cast again (I didn't like Javier in Live Flesh. It seems to me Javier and Almodóvar didn't get to understand each other the way Antonio and Almodóvar used to).

By the way, every time I read Almodóvar's blog I feel so f**** little I don't even dare to write just a simple e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for mentioning the Anthony Perkins piece and I'm glad you found it interesting. I really like Perkins but it's sort of a shame that his role in Psycho has cast such a long shadow over his other work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, spanish word "cinematografia" cannot be translated as "cinematography", it's not the same meaning. In spanish it doesn't mean the cameraman thing, it's more like "film-making", the whole thing.