Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September. It's a Wrap

Are you still trying to adjust to the new season --you're suddenly indoors a lot? Come to TFE each day for movie fun. Here's 10 highlights from the month that was...

Mamma Mia! ~ here it goes again. my my how can one describe it?
Nobody Puts Angie in a Corner ~ Attack of the 50 Ft Woman or Oscar-baiting?
Big Willie Shakespeare Style
~ Falling in (Shakespeare in) Love Again.
Once More Into the Web ~ some thoughts on Spider-Man's place within the prevailing superhero culture... Batman dark, Iron Man snark, Wolverine bark.
Little Shop of Horrors ~ I relished the chance to revisit the strange unusual plant but especially its namesake, the one and only "Audrey", created by Ellen Greene.

Oscars for My Birthday? How Kind ~ a true (dream) story
Revive the Silents ~ TFE readers are fun. I love reading your answers to my questions.
Elinor Dashwood's Sensibility ~Monologue Mondays returns for a third season
Naked Gold Man: Baby Steps ~ Oscar annual circus and its repetitive September quirk (we know less than we think we know)
EMMY Live Blogging ~ 4 hour continuous blogging can induce insomnia... I've no idea if reading it can do the same. Not for the faint of heart or weak in red carpet stamina

Coming in October
Halloween costume ideas, the first real wave of Oscar contenders (Rachel Getting Married, Blindness, Mike Leigh's Happy Go-Lucky and Oliver Stone's W.), Pushing Daisies, a return ticket to Titanic, Michelle Williams in Wendy and Lucy, NYFF wrap-up, Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary), and 'fiddle-dee-dee'... yes, the one and only Gone With the Wind. Among Other Things.

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Anonymous said...

"the first real wave of Oscar contenders"
How could you forget Changeling? I'm dissapointed in you.