Monday, September 22, 2008

Good (?) Mornin'

This week's banner (I change them up, see? If they don't quite scroll, they pan as some stars disappear, replaced by others) wishes you a good morning. With coffee. The banner is inspired by Peter @ Coffee Coffee and More Coffee who rarely reviews a movie that I've even heard of. Which I consider quite a feat.

The self-portrait in the sidebar is too small for fine details but I'm drinking some too. I raise my cup to Mads, Fonda, Sigourney and the rest of the guzzlers. I'm drinking from the same Pinocchio coffee cup I've had since the Disney marketing blitz of 1940. The first blog post I wrote while sipping from it was a bloodshot ode to crazy/beautiful Vivien in Waterloo Bridge. I haven't slept since!

Admire my stamina.


Anonymous said...

Consider it admired.

Catherine said...

I have a thing about pictures of people drinking cups of coffee. It's like porn to me. that weird?

Janice said...

Sure, rub it in the noses of us frail, ordinary mortals.

(tongue firmly in cheek)

A shout-out to all my fellow tea drinkers, btw.


Catherine --all photo-fetish quirks are welcome here (or well most of them). I love those lineups you know.

now i must go and find more...

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel: Thank you for the mention. I am so glad you can get coffee in movie theaters as well, because sometimes you really need it, especially at film festivals. (On the other hand, there are some films that require a beer or three to get through.)

Catherine: Please visit my site as often as will provide you with pleasure. I usually post a new coffee swilling pic every Sunday.