Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Waltz With Bashir -Israel's Probable Oscar Submission

[Thanks to reader Yonatan for this news]

Waltz With Bashir
(trailer below) won 6 out of the 7 Ophirs (Israeli's Oscars) it was nominated for. That's usually the sign that it'll be the Oscar submission for the country.

We'll wait to see if it fares the same (animation nomination) or better than Persepolis. No animated film has ever been nominated in the Foreign Language Oscar race but there's generally at least one a year submitted as of late. NOTE: The Foreign Film Oscar pages will be completed updated with all 25 official submissions thus far, as soon as I have a moment to breathe: Thursday morning (yes, I'm turning blue)


Anonymous said...

"Gomorra" was selected this morning
by Italian Academy to represent Italy at the Academy Awards for Foreign Film category; Gomorra, directed by Matteo Garrone, won the Grand Prix at the last Cannes Film Festival. It was adapted by the best seller Gomorrah (this is the International title of the book) written by Roberto Saviano. It talks about the camorra's society, the Italian mafia in Naples and in Campania region. It's a gorgeous movie.

from Italy

Boyd said...

If Bashir nabs a nominations, it would *also* be the first animated documentary to be nominated, and, though I'm guessing, also the first Foreign Language Oscar nominee that is a documentary rather than a fiction film.

Go and see this if you get the chance, it is definitely worth it. Great score as well (perhaps another nom?).


i'm seeing it next week i believe (press screening)

Glenn said...

Considering the reaction to Bashir has been decidedly more mixed than Persepolis' outright raves I'd say it won't be nomination. I overhead somebody at a screening say "it's like the filmmakers didn't know what animation was." Ouch.

Tormentor Azaron said...

A number of things -

Bashir isn't really that much of a documentary- it's on the same par of American splendor in it's documentary level...

Also - Israel Nabbed A Nomination last year for a movie much less talked or given positive reviews about because it was a tacky war drama. And Bashir is also one.

About the animation level- For me it worked, It created this sort of world (which was ruined in the end, but never mind).

But in the end, all that matters is if the director is gonna push his film enough or not (because that's how we got the nomination last year).

Here's hoping...