Sunday, September 28, 2008

Linker's Dozen

GreenCine rounds up the Newman tributes
Are You There Blog? finds a great humanist quote from Newman. And I already really loved Newman. I didn't need more reasons.
NewNowNext Gwyneth Paltrow's new business venture. (Maybe she should, you know, concentrate on improving her acting career while she's still young. Just a thought)
Some Came Running Glenn Kenny on Bill Condon's Oscar gig. Crazy ass screengrabs
Fabulon checks in with Sharon Stone. Someone has to
Mirror Who's That Girl? It's not Madonna. It's Debbie Harry, looking all polished and Madonna-esque. Everything comes full circle you see?
Defamer's a Call to the BullPen: Dakota Fanning on Facebook. Hee

Goatdog accomplishes the seemingly impossible. He's now seen every Best Picture nominee. Go congratulate him. I'm not even close.
A Socialite's Life Anne Hathaway making the rounds with Rachel Getting Married in NYC
Just Jared Ryan Reynolds and Scarjo are now husband & wife. [see previous TFE post for their engagement announcement]
Filmbo makes an odd comparison. Honest to blog
Moviefone asks Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) a bunch of questions. Bizarre asides about Will Smith as Captain America and Barack Obama follow.
Coffee Coffee and More Coffee reviews Seoul Raiders, that movie I'm giving away starring Tony Leung. Today is the last day to enter that contest.


Sally Belle said...

Nathaniel...can you link me?

I am just starting out, but I promise to get better!

I am currently building my Oscar charts, and hoping to get some reviews up soon!

Dr. S said...

Hey, I'll add one to the Newman tributes: he's a graduate of Kenyon ('49), and we've got a tribute page, including a slide show with (among other things) lots of images of him as a student, and then many very hunky images of him when he came back to open our theater and to teach a seminar.

Anonymous said...

Heads up: new trailer of Australia premiered on Desperate Housewives... should be online tomorrow.