Friday, September 12, 2008

Now Playing: Alan Ball's Psyche, Wacky Personal Trainers and Batman Through January

Greetings From the Shore described as "part memoir, part fairytale" it's a coming of age story about pre-college days on the Jersey shore. Plans go awry.
Towelhead Alan Ball is everywhere. First, there's his new series on HBO (True Blood -previous post), second he's got this here story of an Arab American teenager getting intimate with the much older Aaron Eckhart -- but can you blame her... Aaron Eckhart! Those dimples. That chin). Two fine actresses, Toni Collette & Maria Bello, look on with concern. Most importantly, [*snort*] Ball is the subject of the new episode of Best Pictures From the Outside In.

Burn After Reading If I told you how desperate I was to see this you would worry for my ability to make it through the day today without. Frances and Brad looks hi-lar-ious. Plus it's a Coen Bros comedy and with rare exceptions, those are super.
Proud American <--I'll let MaryAnn take this one. Righteous Kill PACINO. DENIRO. or Why Do People Still Care? or maybe they don't and mainstream media just thinks they do. We'll see. Wouldn't it be cool if there was just one year where TV and Movies weren't allowed to use cops as characters? What kind of new dramas would surface?
Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys -I still don't get why he gets a possessive before every movie. I mean not even M Night Shyamalan puts his name in the title and you know how they sell his name.
The Women The Bening co-stars. That's all I need to know. [see multiple previous posts for more on The Women (1939 and 2008)]

S H I F T I N G * S C R E E N S C A P E
Babylon A.D., lost over 1000 screens in only its 3rd weekend so if you've been wondering what Vin Diesel has been up to while "dating in Europe" you better run to the theater ;) Hamlet 2 is just about gone after only one month in theaters. Next week expect Pineapple Express, Disaster Movie, The Clone Wars, and many many other summery films to get a lot scarcer Someone has to make room for Kate Hudson romantic comedies, Samuel L Jackson thrillers and a reunited Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

But don't expect The Dark Knight to disappear. Looks like it'll be hanging around until its on DVD in December... and then, just one month later, it'll be back in theaters in January stumping for Oscar nominations. I love this quote from the Hollywood Reporter
"It's just a matter of bringing it back as a reminder for people," a source told the trade.

Yes. We were absolutely in danger of forgetting about it. It barely made a ripple.


Anonymous said...

I've just watched Blindness.

I loved the film as much as I loved the novel.

Hope you all enjoy it, if that is a possible verb for this kind of film.

I hope you feel something from it.

Marcelo - Brazil.

elgringo said...

I can't wait for The Family That Preys. No, seriously.

NicksFlickPicks said...

I'm excited for The Family That Preys, too, though when your title is as dumb as that one, maybe you (as the director) throw your own name onto it as an easy distraction.

One of Goatdog's best-ever lines: "Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls... is it about Tyler Perry's sisters?"

Completely not excited about Burn After Reading, Tilda excepted. Horrified by the awful reviews for The Women, but am bound to wind up there anyway.

Glenn said...

At least Tyler Perry's A Family That Preys doesn't have a double possessive like Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls or Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion. It's exhausting just thinking about his movie titles.

Having said that, as much as his movies haven't appealed to me, he does seem to be improving and may eventually make a movie that is as good as stuff like Soul Food.