Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NYFF: Interlude

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Anonymous said...

Changeling Poster:



Anonymous said...

It is annoying when filmmakers go halfway on their style. How many of the art house movies have ended with a person or few dying? I'm guessing 90%.

Nate Tyson said...

Burnt out on arty film in September? Oh my.

It is gonna be a long Oscar season for you, Nathaniel.

Anonymous said...

This is totally random and may be out-of-place, but I have a chance to see a bunch of films at the Vancouver Film Fest, and I'll be much obliged for some advice. :)

The only films I've got on my slate so far are ones that have been wider blogged about, like "Happy-go-Lucky" and "Hunger".

Any suggestions?

Glenn said...

Oh. My. God.

That poster for Changeling is hands down one of the worst posters of the year. HERE COMES THE FACE!!!!!!! (that part in caps is to be read like Margaret Cho says it in I'm the One that I Want)


LaDeeDuh from that list i would definitely try THE CLASS & GOMORRA (cannes winners & oscar submissions both) A CHRISTMAS TALE (jam packed with intricacies)

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (sweden) is supposed to be a really special vampire film.

WENDY & LUCY is supposed to be good and you know it's the type of movie that will get a shitty, barely there release in theaters in dec to qualify michelle williams for best actress --though shitty one week releases at 1 or 2 theaters rarely result in oscar nods.

oscar submission in there:
DUNYA & DESIREE (netherlands)
O'HORTEN (norway)
TRICKS (poland)

i've been curious about DELTA (hungary) and STILL WALKING (japan) and I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG (france) is thought to be in play for Best Actress this year.


nate well "arty film" aversion won't hurt me for Oscar. These are true art films that AMPAS would run screaming from ;)

but art films are just as derivative as blockbusters once you see a bunch of them back to back it seems.

oy. more on this later. the main problem being that i saw 3 films with the same creepy theme in a row. and NYFF has so few movies to begin with. why?

Janice said...

//though shitty one week releases at 1 or 2 theaters rarely result in oscar nods.//

But it worked for Nicole Kidman in the Hours, didn't it? (I'm not knocking Nic, btw, just AMPAS stupid eligibility requirements.)

The audio was a great idea, Nathaniel, I look forward to more updates - or audios of that sort from you! (I bet a "Oscars from the outside in" conversation between you, Nick and Goatdog would make for good listening.)

Glenn said...

Ladeedah, I haven't scoured the program but if O'Horten is screening do go and see it. It's lovely and special. Let the Right One In isn't as good as people are letting on. It's neither scary enough nor thematically dramatic enough to really go anywhere special.

Rob said...

Beg to differ on "Let the Right One In" .... it might not be very "scary," but I think it succeeds on almost every other level, and is the rare horror film I would describe as 'lovely.'

When I saw it at Tribeca, I thought it was just the sort of film that would slip under the radar, so I'm actually glad it's getting the sort of hype/word-of-mouth that it is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions!
My slate's filling up, and I've managed to wrangle "Wendy and Lucy" and "I've Loved You So Long" from a fellow reviewer who's now perma-frowning at me. :D

Glenn said...

Rob, I guess I don't want my vampire movies to be able to be described as "lovely" teehee. I thought the opening passages were great and created an unsettling mood, but once it turned away from the horror and became this entirely different movie I sort of lost enthusiasm. That final scene is a gem though.