Sunday, September 21, 2008

EMMY *Live-Blogging* (God Help Me)

Refresh your screens regularly and watch the post grow. Oh the magic of technology...

6:36 (Arrivals) Ryan Seacrest says that he was "instructed not to touch the women" Heh. As if this is a temptation.
6:41 Kristin Chenowith is getting tinier. Which would seem impossible, but no. She reveals she will sing again on Pushing Daisies. Something from the 80s. Wheeeee. She also has a bow on her cleavage. Which is funny since she clearly does view her breasts as a Gift to All.
6:43 Marcia Cross just air kissed Kristin. I suddenly felt territorial. Marcia is Crazy (Kimberly) and Brittle (Bree) so please stay away from my diminutive diva. Marcia has apparently sprayed adhesive to her pink tulle and rolled around on a pile of carefully dried dusty flowers.

6:50 The boyfriend says "someone appliquéd hubcabs to their dress" Hee. She went by too quickly. Who was that? I think it was Mrs. Mad Men January Jones. But the camera cut away quickly.
6:54 Tina Fey is talking but she is not wearing her sexy glasses, so I'm not hearing her. Instead I am lost in the blue of Mary Louise Parker's gown. Mmmmm Mary Louise Parker.
7:04 Patrick Dempsey starring in a remake of The Picture of Dorian Gray right there on the red carpet.

7:11 I'm bored. Too many Housewives and they're not visibly Desperate enough. The red carpet being old hat to all of them. E! is a bit like Top 40 radio was in the 80s. There was like 10 songs in rotation. E! is like that with TV shows. They assume we only care about like 5 of them.

7:15 OK. I take that back about the lack of Desperation. Gabrielle (aka Eva Longoria) just said "I don't really care" about not getting a nomination. Then she let loose a disproportionately loud laugh that might have come directly from Annette Bening's mouth while portraying a Woman Who Lies To Herself™. I ain't lying.

D E S P E R A T E !

7:18 Glenn Close is wearing black sunglasses and the same Armani dress she wore to the 1986, 1987 and 1989 Oscars. I'm kidding but I might actually be right. How does one tell the difference. Black, lace sleeves, the whole thing. Same as it ever was.

7:21 David Boreanz is wearing Paul Smith socks -- very cute. The Boyfriend approves. I'm totally confused because he's out in the sun and not bursting into flames? I know even the minor character actors in movies but when it comes to TV stars I always think of them as strictly their characters. So they're like fake celebrities to me. "Angel" is a celebrity. Boreanaz? Not so much.
7:25 Christina Hendricks is on the red carpet to suggest that maybe she isn't padded on Mad Men. STACKED. yum yum.

7:40 HOLLY HUNTER. Thank God a movie star showed up. I didn't want to have to wait for stray reaction shots of La Pfeiffer on hubby's arm.
7:50 OMG... I just flipped over to ABC and so glad I did. Salma Hayek is singing in despair because Jimmy Kimmel just said "She's no Penelope Cruz."

Hee. So fun when stars have a sense of humor about themselves.

7:55 Back to E! just in time for Wayne Brady to make sure everyone knows he's heterosexual. 'It's a little metrosexual. But only a little bit!'. Zzzzz. Suppressed sexual panic is so unattractive. Just let it out Wayne. Cry, scream, grab your co-conspirator in sexual panic (the eager accomodating Guilliane) and prove it.

I agree with Project Runway's Christian who, surveying the dresses in this arrival party said:
I need a little more drama
On with the show... (and a new post)


Roberta Lipp said...

Us too!

And... heh; Seacrest.

Murtada said...

hoping for a damages win, it was great and a very well-told and entertaining story, glenn and zelko should rule

Hayden said...

Love the Tina Fey.

Hayden said...

Ohhhh and what about Neil Patrick Harris? I thought it was interesting that Seacrest went directly from interviewing Spacey to Harris. It's like the red-carpet organizers are trying to tell him something.

Love Neil, though.

thales said...

january jones is wearing something white and not 60's related. (i'm confused.)

Anonymous said...

it wasn't January Jones in the hubcap dress. January's wearing some sort of lingerie inspired ensemble...

but that hubcap thing is truly a couture disaster!


i think i caught a tiny shot of NPH's boyfriend David Burtka (spelling?) but the camera cut away so quickly.

thales i was wrong. It wasn't a closeup so i was mistaken.

Murtada said...

im watching jimmy kimmel, is michael phelps really going to be on grey's? what will he do? he's a terrible actor

Hayden said...

Yeah we saw David walk past Ryan Seacrest after Neil, but the camera was inset. It was tiny, but they both looked great.

thales said...

oh, I meant, I was confused with the whole virginal yet lingerie-ish look of Betty Draper. So much imagery.

thales said...

oh, wow, christina hendricks is dressed as joan holloway. i'm back to normal.

Hayden said...

Holly Hunter will always be Jane Craig to me.

Roberta Lipp said...

Holly Hunter will always be Jane Craig to me.

Totally. But loving the purple.

Hayden said...

I prefer her performance in Broadcast News to her more-lauded work in The Piano.

Cluster Funk said...

I prefer her performance as Ed in 'Raising Arizona' to any and all. So fearless and inspired. Such fun!

Janice said...

I will forever love her perfs the Piano AND I'll raise you an Arizona (oh yes I did go there.)

It's not that her perf in Broadcast News isn't fine it's that the sexual politics of it are a bit screwed up - this is coming from a woman Hayden, and so that bit of Holly's character alone or in a shaky relationship at the end while both the male characters are in sound relationships? Uh-uh.

Loved the Jimmy Kimmel vid, thanks Nate! What makes it especially funny is that she and Penelope are good friends (at least as far as I'm aware; Penelope interviewed Salma a few years back for Interview Magazine). Too bad that they couldn't have gotten Penelope to actually show up for that bit, that would have been outright genius.


i think they're actually best friends as I recall.

so yeah. her gasp at the Penelope diss was extra funny with that knowledge.

J. Ro. said...

She ain't padded. That's all woman:

Christina: Well, I do not wear any padding. Our costume designer, Jamie Bryant, is so amazing about knowing our bodies so well and knowing the things our characters would wear. We do tiny fittings in between, here and there, but she'll have it ready for us. Out of all the shows I've ever done, it's been the most prepared and I am always happy and satisfied, so that's nice.