Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Once More Into the Web. No... Twice More

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man 4 & 5 deals are super-sweet. $50 million plus for two films back to back with lots of time off for being Daddy Maguire, too. Score for Hollywood parents there... [Spider-Man's creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko never pocketed this kind of change. Anywayyyy. That's another topic] Color me shocked that this is actually happening --not the money but the films... and so soon, too. I love the first two franchise entries with all of my superpowerless heart but can't they quit while they're behind? Spider-Man 3 was just... (sigh). I still have to eat my feelings when I think about it.

The news currently hints that Kirsten 'Mary Jane' Dunst is either still in talks or that the studio is trying to decide how to announce her departure. I love my Kiki (despite that love winning me no fans) but I hope she's out. That'll give her more time to pursue more creative performance challenges. And as an added bonus if she departs: Mary Jane's absence would force the filmmaking team to come up with a new emotional dynamic rather than repeating themselves twice more. Comic book relationships do tend to cycle endlessly (Superman & Lois / Peter & Mary Jane / Scott Summers & various incarnations of Jean Grey) but in movies... well, that constant retelling dynamic doesn't work as well.

Sam Raimi is a resourceful, creative director. He should be able to find a way to keep Peter Parker's moony-eyed feelings in play even without his on again/off again girl in the mix. What's more, Raimi should. Spider-Man's unashamed earnestness (some might say corny sincerity) provide a nice counter-balance in the superhero movie culture. It's decidedly different than the stuff that's in vogue, i.e. the fanboy comfort foods moods; Batman dark, Iron Man snark, Wolverine bark.

Good luck to all.


Anonymous said...

You're forgetting that they could substitute Gwen Stacy for MJ and create a new love dynamic. Anyway, I thought Spider-Man 3 was a decent but significantly flawed film, so I think a fourth and fifth film could make up for that... or be even worse.

When it comes to genre films, however, I'm an optimist. Therefore, I say bring it on. Lastly, are you gonna talk about the re-booting of Superman anytime soon? I'm interested in hearing you opinion on it.

Missy said...

God, I wish this franchise would just go away.

Marshall said...

Can we be honest with each other and acknowledge how bad the first one is?

Marshall said...

Also if we've got two more can they finally please give Dylan Baker his Lizard?


marshall no. please lie to me.

Glendon said...

There's something quite familiar about that photo...


...oh of course.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

thank you for the viewing.

A fellow blogger,


Anonymous said...

Hey Nathaniel,
I have been an on and off visitor to TFE, your Oscar prediction sites, and actress worship pages since the tender age of 14 when I became absolutely obsessed with Hollywood, films, and...oh yes, Michelle Pfeiffer. I'm 20 now (wow how time flies) and just thought I'd drop you a note saying I love your MP worship. I love coming to your website to read your raving and raving about her because, honestly, I feel the same way - it's great to read about your PFandom and validating my own obsession. She's gorgeous and I love that she's back on the screens again - I SO want her to get the Oscar we know she deserves! She is wonderful, amazing, fabulous...perfection if it is humanly possible (which I guess she has proved, it is). Keep up the love!
- A PFan forever and always, now off to watch Frankie & Johnny, for the 9895239th time.

Glenn said...

The question here is, did Spider-Man 3 turn off a significant amount of audience members for a fourth film to be financially viable. Didn't the third film cost something like $300mil? And it turned out so bad. Like, awful. Really. Truly terrible.

They can't re-introduce Gwen Stacy because that was a dud of a storyline (and Howard was a dud in the role). Just... ugh. Everything. Awful. It was almost a Batman & Robin situation. Will Spider-Man 4 be the Batman Begins and Spider-Man 5 the Dark Knight of this whole shenanigan then?

I guess if Spider-Man 4 is anything better than the third then people will probably fall back in love though.

Anonymous said...

who says that loving kiki got you no fans!!
I adore Kiki and you! lol

Anonymous said...

I'll probably never get the appeal of the first two Spider-Man films, so I don't really care about the news (except for the fact that Tobey won't star in something great like Wonder Boys, Pleasantville or Ice Storm for yet another couple of years). However, I had to post just to thank you for making me laugh loudly on a cold rainy day with this:

can't they quit while they're behind?

and this:

Batman dark, Iron Man snark, Wolverine bark.

Awesome. :)

Chris Na Taraja said...

I actually liked 3 better than 2, but much as i love Toby, they really have to pull out the stops to make me see 4 and 5....or, no,don't try to pull out the stops, that's the problem.

We don't ned 4 villians in 4. it don't have to be bigger better faster. Just make it good. The first was the best so far, but isn't that typical.

Billy McLellan said...

where is this news coming from???


if you click on the link that says "news" it'll take you to the source that i got the figures from

Janice said...

I really don't get all the Spiderman love, but as a woman, maybe this series just isn't for me. (I mean, I get the "ordinary dude gets superhuman powers but is still an ordinary dude who has to deal with paying the rent like the rest of us" that has made the comic a classic. I get that. the first two films were good, but I had no need to see the third (I couldn't imagine any topping Alfred Molina, and that whole "Perils of Pauline" imagery of Kiki chained up waiting to be rescued? Ugh - so 19th century. It made me miss Princess Leia and Ripley all the more.)

I just don't understand WHY a fourth and a fifth. Really.