Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sigourney's a Fan... of What?

Lazy Saturday, flipping through the NYT Style magazine... came across this photo of Ms. Weaver declaring her fandom.

But of what? The ad, as it turns out, is for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel... but unless, they've built a life size replica of the Reading Room of the New York Public Library in one of their lux properties (perhaps in some Charlie Kaufman Synecdoche New York-esque momentary corporate insanity?) she's not really expressing her love of the Mandarin in this photo.

If you're wondering why I'm posting a picture of a confusing hotel ad that's actually a library portrait, you've stumbled on the wrong blog. The question and the answer is Sigourney Weaver.


Cluster Funk said...

Maybe Sig Weavey's the personification of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel's fan logo? She is a large and expansive talent after all.

Hayden said...

She's so towering. I honestly feel that if I came across her in real life, I would be physically intimidated. In the most glorious way possible.

Anonymous said...

oh to come acrross the world's greatest actress sorry meryl,i love love love this woman she created a sci fi action heroine for the ages never to be forgotten and is the unluckiest bitch at the oscars,to be the favourite 1988 and loose must've been awful then to not be nominated when you are wiping the floor with the competition in 94 i'm talking to you ryder,lange,streep,jason leigh and in 97 two fingers too basinger,cusack,driver and stuart only moore was her equal,then in 99 snubbed together with winslet 2 of the best perfs that year,then last year spooling out comdey brilliance in the tv set.

i love me some sigourney and wish she would get some oscar love just a nom would be good to see her mighty prescence filling the theatre would fill me with actressexul pride and show some of the skinny blonde bitches what a true star looks like.

nat you have made my day to inc ms weaver instead of the usual moore pfeiffer dunst love is a mark of pure genius.

a great big hug and thankyou

Chris Na Taraja said...

Huge stars have been doing ads for years, but mostly in Asia, where they wont be seen by americans. But the global economy changed all that. now they are starting to do ads for us too.

As far as the Library/hotel thing, in Sigourney's defense....she just showed up for the shoot and collected her paycheck. I'm sure she's not a "fan" and could care less.

for $100,000 i would say I'm a fan too.

Anonymous said...

***looks at the picture...

...dies from multiple fangasms!***


agent69 what could we post to bring you back from your blissful grave?

Anonymous said...

A picture of her with an Oscar in her hands.

You're good with photoshop, and we’ll all pretend like it really happened.

Now that would make my heart pumping.