Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Unbearable Linkness of Blogging

The House Next Door has Sheila O'Malley on Paul Newman
Danny Miller on the screen giant
Self Styled Siren also on the legendary actor (and come to think of it they're three of the writers I was most anxious to read pieces from)
INF Daily pics from the set of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Tim's fetish for characters that look like Christina Ricci in Sleepy Hollow continues
Nick's Flick Picks a lot of you still haven't voted in our Best Pic tournament. Do that!
Spout's Karina Longworth doesn't much like this Che fellow
Boy Culture James Franco in Interview
Towleroad James Franco in Out. My god, he's everywhere

Scanners 'Sarah Silverman is a genius (still)'... a piece on her YouTube promo for The Great Schlep
My New Plaid Pants a moment of silence for the Wedding o' the Week Defamer yet MORE fallout from that Reader release date kerfuffle.
In Contention's top 10 Paul Newman performances. We agree heartily on #1.


lawyer tony fernando said...

James Franco in Out. My god, he's everywhere

No Nat, he´s not in my pants or yours! Re-think that statement!

Anonymous said...

Great timing by James Franco. While other actors have to wait until their movie is released before stumping for it, and then try to get the time and space in a busy Oscar season to convince everyone that they are, in person, very nice, (like Marion Cotillard last year), Franco has done that already, before "Milk" is even released. I'd be very surprised if he didn't get a Supporting nomination.

Anonymous said...

didn't realize larry mcmurtry wrote "hud"....


jimmy -it's actually amazing to watch HUD now. It definitely has Brokeback Mountain elements