Wednesday, September 17, 2008

do you ever feel like you're losing your mind?

not so much in an exciting cinematic way...
more like just a dull sensation.
Like you're watching your own slow dissolve into cuckoo?
It could take years. But it's happening.


Agustin said...

actually, for me is the other way round.
I feel everybodys getting crazier each day, and i'm the only sane person.
it probably means that i'm the insane one, but what do i know..

Emma said...

Yep. Felt it last night at my school... I couldn't believe I was leaving that place after 7 years. I really did feel like I was going craz-ay.

Chris Na Taraja said...

there's construction that is happening in my back yard, for the past several months, starting 7am, including saturdays. I find my mind stretched to the limit at this point.

And I haven't been able to get to the movies for this past month and a half. I'm not happy. Haven't sen the Dark Knight or Mama Mia!

Brian Darr said...

We're all this close to crazy. The only ones who aren't are the ones who are already there. And it's not usually our fault, our our parents', or our genes or anything. It's just the craziness of the world that makes us that way.

Terrific still! Happy 50th birthday to Vertigo this year!

Fox said...


It's no coincidence that these feelings started once you put up that creepy Christian Slater add on the right hand border.