Thursday, September 11, 2008

What movies are sitting by your DVD player, just waiting to be watched?

You know how they can stack up...


ak said...

Right now, Lars and the Real Girl and Breaking the Waves.

Reel Whore said...

Street Kings, Southland Tales and Apocalypto

Also, The Hot Chick (I'm on a Anna Faris kick, honest!)

Anonymous said...

Until the End of the World
As Tears Go By
Three Colors: White

And I'm watching Until... tonight!

John T said...

A Man and a Woman, The Rules of the Game, and Smart People-I will get to all three this weekend, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Paris Je T'aime
The Magdalene Sisters
The BBC's new Jane Eyre

FDot said...

The 10th Kingdom
Kingdom of Heaven: The Director's Cut
The Curiousity of Chance
La Grande Bouffe
Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

Anonymous said...

Purple Violets w/Patrick Wilson, Selma Blaiar, Patrick Wilson, Debra Messing, Patrick Wilson, Ed Burns, and Patrick Wilson.

Did I mention that Patrick Wilson is in Purple Violets ?

E Dot said...

The Graduate and The Broadway Melody (1929).

Anonymous said...

Stairway to Heaven (a.k.a. A Matter of Life and Death) and Faithless.
But to have only two is amazing for me, my 'next to the dvd player waiting-to-be-watched stack' reached it's peak last Christmas and I decided to watch everything. I watched 65 movies between Christmas and Valentine's Day, I buy too many DVDs.

Anonymous said...

The Fall and Angels in America.

Glendon said...

Raging Bull and The Green Mile.

Dave said...

The Misfits and A Taste of Cherry. And an absolute ton of video recordings, but I'm trying to pretend they don't exist (because otherwise I will weep in defeat).

Fox said...

Nathaniel, you are the king of the great "quick posts"...

Waiting for me:

The Beyond
Dodge City
Virginia City
Mad Detective
War Requiem

Marcello Talone said...

the last emperor
rain man
oliver twist (2005)
seven years in tibet
8 1/2
the terminator

Anonymous said...

Super Size Me (I've already seen it but my parents want to see it), F*** (a documentary on the curse word), and Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series. The Kingdom, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot season two of Heroes and Season one of Friday Night Lights and House. Damn! They do pile up.

Ásta said...

Ugh, too many...

Stealing beauty
What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?
The Velocity of Gary
The Nines
Chansons D'Amour
A Tale of two sisters
All the real girls

Not to mention all the movies I have seen before and bought the DVD specifically to watch again...

Anonymous said...

Ha! I finally, finally got around to watch Visconti's Gruppo di famiglia in un interno (Conversation Piece) last night which I borrowed from a friend at least two months ago. I was too embarrassed to return it in person so I put it with a box of chocolates in her mailbox this morning.

Anonymous said...

Son of Ranbow
House of Sand and Fog
Virgin Territory


such a variety stacking up here. some of you have pretty heavy nights awaiting you.

henry season 2 of Heroes is a TOTAL snore. Skip ahead to Friday Nights Lights which is great.

remy i'm so intrigued at the diversity. Terminator and Tibet and 8 1/2 and... my my.

WHAT PROMPTS YOU ALL TO RENT THESE THINGS... and how come nobody has The Great Zeigfeld, Life of Emile Zola, American Beauty and Shakespeare in Love on their tv. Aren't you following this BEST PICTURE series we're doing?

elgringo said...

Let's see, got a pile from the library:

Fido, Central Station, The American Astronaut, Paprika, Dario Argento's Opera, The Blue Angel, The Element of Crime, Buster Keaton Shorts, and a couple others.

Agustin said...

Freaky Friday
There Will Be Blood
Idiocracy (i'm curious)
The Darjeeling Limited
Life Of Brian

Crisbrother said...

I have a long list of waiting-to-be-watched movies....lots of them.. Recently i saw The Sting and M.

and soon i'll watch Barry Lyndon, All Quiet on the Western Front, Eastern Promises, Gandhi, Lawrence of Arabia and Michael Clayton.

I recently bought The King and I, Casablanca and Chinatown, all three will be tested on the dvd player, just in case...hihi

Anonymous said...

Juno and Zodiac

Also, I just bought Waitress because I want to be that girl who looks like Keri Russell, is given a check for 200,000.00, has a beautiful child, great friends, and owns a pie shop. Oh yeah, and no man in her life!

Then I could watch all the movies I wanted while I got fat eating cream pies in my pajamas.


chris said...

Weeds: Season 1
Hamlet (Ethan Hawke version)

J.D. said...


Hopefully I'll watch it tonight!

Marcello Talone said...

well, my mother bought tibet, but I don't really wanna see it.

I watch the terminator once a year. I can't help, I love everything about it, including linda's hair.

and I never watched 8 1/2 and I'm a little afraid that I will not like it very much.

Pedro said...

I have three: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; The Man Who Knew Too Much; and Head-On. All three movies have been sitting there since June (so little time to watch DVD's). I also have August Rush, which somebody gave me as a birthday present (last May). But that movie holds no interest for me.

John T said...

As far as what prompts me to watch them-I keep my Netflix list really, really diverse. I don't like to have the same genres at the same time.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you should re-gift August Rush.

Although I love Russell and Meyers...the film is not good, and Robin Williams is sadly bad, bad, bad!

Get to those other films !

Rob said...

Californication: Season 1
Holding Trevor

Anonymous said...

Gates of Heaven - Errol Morris


Anonymous said...

Dr Stranglove and The Fountain

Unknown said...

The Cotton Club. A friend loaned it to me a while back in shock that I'd never seen it... (all I've heard is the fabulous soundtrack). It's been there for a month and I can't quite bring myself to put it in the machine... it takes a lot of effort for me to watch a Richard Gere film...

Anonymous said...

"Amazing Grace", "XXY", "Penelope" and "All the President's Men".

Dame James said...

Godard's Pierrot le Fou. I've been waiting to see this film for years and I'm super excited to watch it.


James --the boyfriend actually owns that one and I've still never seen it! I am a bad person.

Michael B. said...

Annie Hall...Watched Billy Elliot after two weeks of keeping it and fell in love with the movie.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

The latest stack to be viewed and reviewed:

just finished:
Holding Trevor

up next:
In Tranzit
Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger
The Wackness
Just Add Water
The Black Balloon
The Fall
Mister Lonely
Flight of the Red Balloon
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly
Death Defying Acts
You, The Living

Yeah, gonna be home for awhile.......

Glenn said...

Four Minutes, Portrait of a Lady, The Graduate and Wicker Man.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Sitting next to the DVD player at the moment is a Jonathan Demme mini-season in honour of Rachel Getting Married.

Watched Silence of the Lambs and Melvin and Howard last weekend.

Married to the Mob and Philadelphia still to go.


save MttM for last so you can go out with a bang

Deborah said...

The Commitments special edition (I got this for Mother's Day! But it's not like I've never seen it.)

The Killers (the two-version set).

Some campy Bond rip-off/spoof from the 60s that a fan of my JB book sent me.

The rest of Mad Men season 1 DVDs (I got about halfway through and then season 2 started).

3:10 to Yuma (hasn't gathered dust yet. It's the remake, which I loved in the theater, and just bought for home viewing.)