Sunday, September 07, 2008

Linkview Terrace

A few of today's links are not hot off the presses (my god that phrase is dated, huh?) but my timeline is all skiwampus what with the interstate travelling and disorienting movie-drought. Forgive! Just two more weeks and I shall be back to normal. Or as close to normal as I get.

New York Magazine Recommend-O-Matic. A must see.
As Little As Possible
J.J. wraps up his Telluride journey with a top 5.
StinkyLulu's Smackdowns are so much fun. My favorite monthly event on the 'net. And I forgot to link to 1966 and Sandy Dennis's "Honey". And she'd already had such a rough night at the hands of George and Martha? Voting is going on now for October's competition.

Sleeps to Dream Zhang Ziyi to star in Clash of the Titans remake! I kid. It's just a Grecian themed photoshoot for the Chinese Harpers Bazaar.
The Playlist
Samuel L Jackson wants more titties in the movies. So do I. '70s movies would eat modern movies alive. (Anything below an R rating is not suitable for horror and thrillers if you ask me)
The Hot Blog thinks Landau & Burstyn could find Oscar traction with Lovely, Still
Defamer talks to David Cronenberg about The Fly: The Opera. I'm really obsessed with this adaptation for some reason. Is it because the 1986 movie was so good? Or just because I am twisted for Cronenberg?
Variety if you haven't yet read their rave for The Wrestler you should: such sudden Oscar buzz.
I Watch Stuff the Bettany-Connellys as the Darwins. His and Hers Oscars for 2010? Biopics are evolving. They will eventually become larger than normal movies and devour all other genres.

Brad Pitt, CGI-aged in David Fincher's ...Benjamin Button (Dec '08)

I also like this article from Anne Thompson about the studio fear of auteurs with big vision. It's such a constant battle in Hollywood and a recycling drama that will outlive us all. The money people are always going to fear the talent, Product being so much easier to sell than Art...


John T said...

Granted, I will be seeing all three of those films, but come on-$500 million? Avatar is the one I'm least looking forward to-I'm constantly worried about the effects CGI will have on the film-making community (possibly creating some sort of laziness). However, this one seems most likely to recoup its budget.

Benjamin Button, on the other hand, is going to have to get that Best Picture Oscar in order to pay off that $170 mil.

Anonymous said...

No PG-13 horror? What about The Sixth Sense? Or if we're allowed to stretch the definition of "horror", The Dark Knight...


well... with exceptions ;) ghost stories can be PG-13 i suppose (the Others / Sixth Sense)

and The Dark Knight should've been rated R

Brian Darr said...

I think it's a combination of Cronenberg obsession and the fact that the story is just so suited to the tragedy of the opera form to begin with. Add Howard Shore and it's pure genius.