Monday, September 15, 2008

"My name is Nathaniel and I'm a Linkaholic"

Tootsie (1982), Fatal Attraction (1987) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Well Medicated mind-blowing movie posters from Poland. Why does Poland have such a rich history of posters while America sticks it out for decades with lousy unimaginative ones? [I love you Drawn!]
Victim of the Time "Waiter, my pie has too much Keira Knightley in it..."
Valley Dreamin'
is pretending The Soloist wasn't directed by Joe Wright. Good move J.D.
Gwynnie and Kate have a laugh at Madonna's Sticky & Sweet concert. Shouldn't there be a law against too many blond romcom stars breathing air in the same room... let alone hanging out together. Where's Reese & Cameron?
Kim Morgan misses "good ol' boy" movies
Lost in the Frame has an interesting review of Burn After Reading

political (tough to avoid right now ya hear)
Defamer on SNL's Fey/Poehler as Clinton/Palin. I love Defamer's outtro. It's so harrowingly true (in the long run)
Jew Eat Yet also on Clinton/Palin beat, revisits 9 to 5 and early 80s feminism
Just Jared Lindsay Lohan & girlfriend Samantha Ronson are getting political

(Strangely Infrequent) Queer Cinema Links
Dear Jesus Whitney discovers Guy Maddin through Sissy Boy Slap Party. Hey Whitney, you MUST see Heart of the World.
reviews the new Midsummer Night's Dream based queer flick Were the World Mine. Don't you think Neil Perry would love?
<--- OMG Blog [nsfw] has a collection of completely sick and wrong stills from Bruce LaBruce's queer zombie flick Otto, or, Up with Dead People currently working the festival circuit. LaBruce films don't always work but when they do (Raspberry Reich or No Skin Off My Ass) they're kinda sorta unmissable ... if you're into that sort of thing. Will this be one of those? Or is it another Hustler White (i.e. kinda sorta missable ...even if you're into that sort of thing)


Anonymous said...

After seeing the trailer, I'm not looking forward to the Soloist either. I read somewhere (cant remember the source) that Wright signed on to direct a picture for Dreamworks and was given a choice to scripts to choose from. Soloist was the one he picked but it makes me wonder what the other choices were.

Glenn Dunks said...

Sometimes I love Polish (and Czech, can't forget them) movie posters (I included a few on my 100 Greatest Movie Posters countdown), but generally find that they fail to actually work as movie posters. Yes, part of their brilliance is that they usually have absolutely nothing to do with the film at all, but therein lies the problem.

It's one thing to hail them as great pieces of art, but as a marketing device for movies I actually think, more often than not, they're just as bad as the American alternatives.

I know I'd rather see the American Tootsie poster than that Polish one. How ugly!

J.D. said...

That Fatal Attraction poster is definitely one of the more interesting ones I've ever seen. I could stop staring at it with my mouth agape, but I don't want to.

Isn't The Soloist by the guys who make those retard spoof movies with Carmen Electra? The trailer certainly made me think that. [staying positive]

Chris Na Taraja said...

Hi Nat. Keep coming back.

Fox said...


The first step into battling linkaholism is admitting in. I'm proud of you.

The second step is separating yourself from people like J.D.! His got me addicted to linkage, and it took me 3 months at LA to finally break the habit.

p.s. J/K J.D., you know I think you're swell! :o)

Cluster Funk said...

Oh dear, 'The Soloist' looks, um...dubious at best. Yikes! (Plus, it's painful to see Catherine Keener in film after film when her talented 'Walking-&-Talking' co-star Anne Heche can't seem to get a movie role to save her life.)

LiLo's diatribe -- she's in WAY over her head -- also induces nausea. (Can these celebutards at least ATTEMPT to sound somewhat cogent/sensible?)


re: the soloist. it seems like cinderella man or cold mountain or the majestic or any number of annual year end things in its utter desperation to win Oscars. too much!

sometimes the Academy gets embarrassed by desperation. Sometimes they reward it. It's hard to say what will happen.