Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Actress Psychic" Round 3

We begin very soon.

I've put up an in progress page of possible options for Oscar's Best Actress shortlist next January. I'll need your predictions between March 25th and March 30th... but until that window opens, let me know if I've forgotten any leading ladies. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking 'bout, see last year's contest and join us for Round 3. My own Oscar predictions for '09 will be up on 04/01

<--- Meryl Streep on the set of Nancy Meyer's as yet untitled romantic comedy. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will compete for her love. That's three very funny actors for one romantic comedy. Cross your fingers that Meyers provides a solid foundation for them to build on.

2009 should be quite busy here at The Film Experience, what with the decade coming to a close a new reviewing gig (more on that later), festivals and my mania for listing. I've been getting mail about various "decade in review" pieces in the works elsewhere but mine probably won't begin until early Fall. Need time to devise the diabolical master plan [insert evil laugh]. In the meantime though, while we're on the recent but retro tip, check out this piece from Fin de Cinema on François Ozon's Water Drops on Burning Rocks. That's a good picture and as good a place as any to start looking back on cinema in the Aughts.


Pivo said...

You've forgotten Robin Wright Penn in "The private lives of Pippa Lee".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new writing gig. Please, please, please be replacing Ben Lyons.

Catherine said...

Oh, yay! I'm looking forward. Maybe I'll actually research the roles this time rather than just blithely selecting actresses I'm fond of...


brian -- omg. we don't live in that world. Sorry. The Ben Lyons are here to stay (sigh)

pivo -thanks! this is why i put this up early. hard to keep track of everyone. knew i'd miss someone.

Catherine said...

One small thing, should the second Meryl Streep film be 'Untitled Nancy Meyer' project?

John T said...

Nat, are you thinking that Emma Thompson for The Boat That Rocked will go supporting?

Catherine said...

Wait, Emma Thompson is in The Boat That Rocked?!? I've seen the trailer for that heinous-looking piece of crap about 5 times now, it's played in front of every film I've seen at the cinema for the last two months, and I had no idea she was in it. The trailer (at least the one they're showing here) does not feature her at all. Weird.


yeah the boat that rocked is probably a sausage fest. The last trailer I saw had only 3 lines delivered by women in it (none of them Thompson) and the rest was lots and lots of angry men (Branagh) shouty men (PSH) and others (Nighy + some young bloke)

Hayden said...

I'm pretty sure Temple Grandin will be a HBO release.

Anonymous said...

You know, the closer we get to the end of the decade, the more nostalgic I get ... and I'm only 21! Now everyone's into Miley Cyrus and other teen hoe's ... Oh God, I wish I was 20 in the sixties. It'd be so nice to experience the interest in actual ACTRESSES like Julie Christie and Vanessa Redgrave... Sigh!

DL said...

Hmm, I might also include Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried for Atom Egoyan's new film Chloe, but the filming has apparently been delayed because of co-star Liam Neeson's recent tragedy. I'm thinking it will be pushed back to a 2010 release, but IMDb still lists it as 2009, so you never know.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely add
Ashley Judd in "Helen" and Charlotte Gainsbourgh in "Antichrist".

Anonymous said...

shirley henderson - forgiveness
sasha grey - the girlfriend experience
jennifer garner - this side of the truth
Ellen Page - Whip It!
Vera Farmiga - Up in the Air
Sarah Michelle Gellar - Veronika Decides to Die

Anonymous said...

Hope Davis, “Happy Together”
Cameron Diaz, “The Box”
Vera Farmiga, “The Vinter’s Luck”
Rebecca Hall, “Dorian Gray”
Alison Lohman, “Drag Me to Hell”
Samantha Morton, “The Messenger”
Carey Mulligan, “The Greatest”
Kristen Stewart, “Welcome to the Rileys”
Sigourney Weaver, “The Girl in the Park”
Michelle Williams, “Mammoth”

adelutza said...

I've seen "The Greatest" at Sundance and Carey Mulligan's role is supporting.
I would add though Gabourey Sidibe for Push:based on the novel by Sapphre

Anonymous said...

I think you forget Marion Cotillard, i truly think she's up for leading actress for nine!because they can't put all of them in the same catégory! it's harvey weinstein after all!


Miguela... that would require a MAJOR reworking of the material. But I suppose it's possible.

adelutza... she's in there. But thye've changed the title of the movie.

but wow. thanks for all the suggestions. lots more research to do. wheeeee

NicksFlickPicks said...

You left out Claire Danes, Alison Lohman, Dakota Fanning, Cate Blanchett, Sally Kirkland, Sarah Polley, Lil Kim, or Evan Rachel Wood for Flora Plum. Maybe they'll go I'm Not There and cast all of them? Then Jodie only has to get the financing for seven short movies.

And maybe Emily Mortimer for Shutter Island? And I thought Mo'Nique was the one with the acting huzzahs for Push/Precious? (Sapphire called that title so long ago; it's so gross that they have to change it for that lame thing that came out this winter.)

adelutza said...

Mo'Nique will definitely be nominated for Push (Precious) - but she has a supporting role . Good film by the way, I read it's got a distribution deal.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Seyfried/Megan Fox, Jennifer's Body
Nikki Reed, Last Day of Summer
Romola Garai/Julie Christie, 1939
Ellen Page/Drew Barrymore, Whip It!

I couldn't tell which ones would be leading...

Benji said...

I know this is being overly exact, but the decade doesn't end until 31 December 2010, technically...


Benji. I know that's the way mathematicians (calendaricians?) do it but everyone else culturally does it as the 0-9 so that's the way I do.

it's weird to me to even try to contemplate say 1990 and part of the 80s you know? Or 1980 as not the "whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh, goodbye 70s.. whoaah-oh-ohoh oh goodbye 70s" moment.

Benji said...

I know, we had the whole debate in 2000. well, if people cannot agree, then they can celebrate a new decade both years ;-)

Anonymous said...

Another options:

*Renee Zellweger, My Only and One: I heard good reviews of the film and especially Zellweger performance
*Gong Li, Shanghai: It's possible that she would go for supporting, but many people love her performance at test screeners.
*Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Vincere: I know you choose Minichmayn for her award in Berlin. But Mezzogiorno's role is too "Oscarish" a la Cotillard.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Sorry if I'm retreading other people's comments but just a couple I've thought of:

Melanie Laurent - Inglourious Basterds (her sections may be more straight drama)
Annette Bening - A Woman of no Importance (Might be pusing it to get this in 2009)
Melanie Lynskey - The Informant (Although probably supporting - being a wife)
Maribel Verdu - Tetro (If it isn't overly male centric)
Alicja Bachleda-Corus - Ondine (Making up for snubbing Daryl Hannah for Splash)

And surely one of the Nine cast will be campaigned for lead?

Still have no idea who I'm going o be selecting mind. Not as easy to predict as last year...

rosengje said...

Forget about the confusion over the end of decades, it is really difficult trying to explain to my friends the Oscar calendar.Even though the Oscar ceremony takes place in February of the following year, the winners are considered part of the previous calendar year. Does not help that IMDB does it the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

I Highly doubt Jennifer's Body will be Oscar Material, but Amanda is lead in that one NOT Megan Fox.

I think Julianne Moore and Amanda are both supporting in Chloe and Liam is the star. They are still filming the scenes without Liam, but he only has a couple of more days to shoot according to the director.

A decade is 10 years and 2000-2009 is 10 years, if you counted 2010 that would be eleven years. It wouldn't make since to count the decade like 2001-2010.

Anonymous said...

DAME SIGOURNEY IN "NIGHT TRAIN", which started shooting this year

Anonymous said...

We should try to predict the supporting actresses as well this year... at least as the tiebreaker...

Anonymous said...

ellen page-whip it!

ellen page-peacock (not sure if this will be a lead)

Kristen Stewart-Welcome to the Rileys

Renee Zellweger-My Only and One

I would have put Ellen Page for Jane Eyre,but I have no clue what's going on with that movie.

Anonymous said...

Tilda Swinton fr Julia?? Is it not a 2008 film???? By the way, she is amazing in that movie!!! Has anyone seen it??


anon 8:38. it didn't officially open in america last year so maybe it's a 2009 here.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere (can't remember) that Rachel Weisz might get pushed in the lead category for "The Lovely Bones"; Saoirse Ronan in supporting. Don't know how valid this rumor is though. :0

Anonymous said...

Michelle Williams for Shutter Island, maybe? I doubt she's a lead, though.

Anonymous said...

Three funny actors? I guess you didn't catch this weeks SNL with Steve Martin and his Banjo song about being late for

he played the whole song. I was hanging out with friends when watching this and we couldn't believe what we were seeing.

Anonymous said...

That list of actresses and upcoming roles has left me all hot and bothered... I may need time to calm down before I select my predictions!

Paul Outlaw said...

@ BBats:
That song wasn't intended as a comedy sketch. Steve Martin is a great banjo player and that song is on an album he recently released, I believe.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list! OMG so much to see in the next year!!

I also found your year by year Best Actress commentary - Jesus, when do you ever sleep?!?! (Of course, I'm angry because I kept hitting 1996 until I realized you'd stopped with 97 and did a few earlier years. Yay for your brilliance concerning La Liz in Virginia Woolf!!)

So, I know you're gonna hate me, but when are you going to find time to do the same smart reviews of the Supporting Actress nominees. (Oh, I know you want to see all the films first so get to it!! [insert lots of smiley faces here since I know how much time and energy you've already put in to be so incredibly informed and well versed in movies!!!] but still [one of your fans whines loudly here] And then, of course, I would LOVE to read your take on the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actors and then you could write a book and include it all!!!)

So, now my little fun (since you're doing all the work) is to list the 5 I think sound the most interesting from reading blurbs on the movies at

Jessica Biel in Nailed (she gets a nail in her head and meets Jake Gyllenhaal??? I'm there.)

Claire Danes in Temple Grandin (Claire autistic? I'll be there too!) ((I hope it doesn't go straight to cable on HBO))

Helen Mirren in Love Ranch (opposite Joe Pesci?!?! OMG, that sounds tres tres interesting - Joe Pesci?!?!?!)

Anna Paquin in Margaret (boy does this sound like it has lots of potential for emoting all over the place plus having Broderick, Ruffalo and Damon in the cast - sounds very intriguing to me)

Rachel Weisz in Agora (wtf? reading the summary of this movie on IMDB this doesn't sound like a real "legit" film - I am very curious to hear more - I mean, if the "master" was a man I'd swear this was a gay porn film!)

The following are the 5 most "ho hum" possiblities to me:

Jennifer Connelly in Creation (I think the story sounds fascinating and I do like Paul Bettany but there is something about Jennifer Connelly that leaves me yawning most of the time)

Kirsten Dunst in All Good Things (pretty impressive costars in Langella, Gosling, and Baldwin but this is an actress I usually find shrill and unappealing)

Hilary Swank Amelia (there's something so very self-serving about this casting to me and so obvious - why didn't they use Cate Blancett who always makes things interesting? or Tilda Swinton?)

Charlize Theron The Burning Plain (I just can't see this being super with Kim Basinger as the Mom)

Renee Zellweger My Own Love Song (the combination of her, Whitaker and Nolte does not sound good to me - something seems off and it's probably mostly Zellweger)

And these are the five I would most like to see nominated because I love them the most:

Laura Linney The Other Man
Rachel McAdams Time Traveler's Wife
Michelle Pfeiffer Cheri
Meryl Streep United Nancy Meyers
Emily Watson Within the Whirlwind

A few other misc notes:

Again, why won't someone give Meryl a multiple personality role like Halle Berry's got this year? (This should prove Berry's Oscar was no fluke one way or the other!) These roles can be so much fun to watch when they're done with gusto and surrounded by a decent script! Write one for Meryl!!!

I am so glad to see Colin Farrell in another "quality" film (Crazy Heart). I do think he's got lots of potential as a real actor. Being on screen with Duvall and Bridges will improve his profile some more, don't you think?

I am a little amazed that Sally Hawkins' movie is called HAPPY EVER AFTERS - is she insisting on only doing "happy" movies in her career? I verified it was NOT another Mike Leigh (I wondered for a second if it was perhaps a sequel? :-) )

By God the plot and the cast for BROTHERS sounds so juicy! I mean, Jake and Maguire and Natalie Portman all dramatic and involved in a love triangle! Who wouldn't want to see that?!?!?!

P.S. I think the name of the Kate Hudson movie is BIG EYES and is 17 PHOTOS OF ISABEL changing to LOVE & OTHER IMPOSSIBLE PURSUITS or was that its old name?

Thanks again Nate!!


billybil... maybe you're looking at Nick's Flick Pick's list? And yes it's brilliant. I haven't done the best actress retros really.

Sally Belle said...

Ellen Page is definitely supporting in Peacock. And Whip It probably isn't Oscar material. The script kinda sucked...unless they did a lot of rewriting.

Flora Plum lost it's financing in January.
Kristen Stewart is not getting a lead actress nomination for anything this year.

Some of the suggestions here are just humorous...Nikki Reed? Are we in an alternate universe?

Anonymous said...

Sally Belle,you never know. Robert Downy Jr. was nominated for Tropic Thunder. If not an Oscar,then maybe Whip it is Golden Globe material. Franco was nominated for a Globe for Pineapple Express.

Anonymous said...

So Anne Hathaway just landed the lead role in the new Judy Garland biopic. Get that Oscar, gurl!

Jae Ly said...

Jessica Alba - "An Invisible Sign of My Own"
Tang Wei - "Crossing Hennessy"

Anonymous said...

Ian more like get that Razzie girl. A huge flop waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nate for making such a mistake. I'm embarrassed. It just goes to show you that online you're my everything!


Anonymous said...

Gong Li For Shanghai