Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Oh I know what y'all really want..."

" some gross, caricature of a woman to prove some idiotic point that power makes a woman masculine, or masculine women are ugly.

Well shame on you for letting a man do that, or any man that does that. That means you, dear. Miss Marshall. Shame on you, you macho shit head."


Chris Na Taraja said...

"I can't work with this."

I watched part of this a recently, and i think it holds up after all these years.

Catherine said...


Gah. I love every single little piece of this film. Oddly enough, the main song from the film has been going around my head all day. I was humming it on the train.

My favourite moment is when Dorothy is over at Julie's apartment and the whole situation spirals out of control when Julie thinks Dorothy is a lesbian, and she goes to phone her father to tell him. The distraught Jessica Lange picks up a plastic ornament in the shape of a corn-cob instead of the telephone and Dorothy, standing there all flustered, just says "That's a corn-cob!" quick as a whip. I die everytime I see that scene, it's so funny.

Jason Adams said...

Catherine, I wanted to post that moment but I couldn't find a picture of it online! It's the best.

Chris, I just saw it again the other month and it really has maintained all of its humor through all these years. A great great comedy.

Catherine said...

Hahahaha, no way! Seriously, it's so hilarious. My sister and I always say "That's a corn-cob!" to each other in sassy Southern accents whenever we're in a weird, awkward situation.

My other favourite moment is at Michael's party at the beginning, where Sandy falls out of the bathroom holding the plunger.

Oh! Oh! Oh! And Bill Murray's deadpan, "Mom?" the first time he sees Michael as Dorothy.

And every scene with Sydney Pollack.

Oh gosh, I have such a craving to watch it now...

Jason Adams said...

Catherine, you and I have the exact same favorite parts. YOU'RE ME! ;-)

But yeah, Teri Garr. Teri fucking Garr! Man.

Matt Sigl said...

This totally made me put on Tootsie RIGHT NOW! (It's on Youtube!) Brilliant. Though Teri Garr shoulda won the Oscar.

Anonymous said...

This is my absolutely favourite Dustin Hoffman performance! I laughed so hard the first time I saw this. "How do you feel about Cleveland?" If I were an Oscar voter, he would've had my vote; apologies to Ben Kingsley.


I love this movie too. Total bliss.

it's crazy to me that the screenplay is so brilliant considering how many hands were in it. It was a case of too many cooks only making the broth better.

or something